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Development of Recycled Polypropylene Plastic Fibres to Reinforce Concrete

RationaleResearch ObjectivesThesis OrganisationReferencesLiterature ReviewMechanical Reprocessing of Polypropylene WasteDegradation and Crystallisation Behaviours of Reprocessing PP WasteDegradation BehaviourCrystallisation Behaviour and Mechanical PropertiesMelt BlendingFiller ReinforcementMechanochemistryUse of Macro Plastic Fibres in ConcretePreparation and Properties of Macro Plastic FibresMacro Plastic Fibre Reinforced ConcreteFresh Concrete Properties SlumpHardened Concrete Properties Compressive StrengthSplitting Tensile StrengthFlexural StrengthPost-cracking PerformanceDrying ShrinkagePull-Out Behaviour of Macro Plastic FibresDegradation of Plastic Fibres in ConcreteCost and Environmental Benefits of Using Macro Plastic FibresApplications of Macro Plastic Fibre Reinforced ConcreteCharacterisation of Toughness and Post-cracking Behaviour of Fibre Reinforced ConcreteFour-Point Flexural Tests on the Unnotched BeamsASTM C1018ASTM C1399ASTM C1609Three-Point Flexural Tests on the Notched BeamsFlexural Tests on the Round PanelLife Cycle AssessmentConclusionsReferencesProduction and Characterisation of the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Recycled PP FibersFibre Production and MeasurementRaw Materials for Fibre ProductionPreparation of PP FibresTensile Strength of PP FibresFourier Transform Infrared SpectroscopyDifferential Scanning CalorimeterWide-Angle X-ray ScatteringMechanical Properties of PP FibresMolecular Orientation by FTIRCrystal Structure and Crystallinity by DSCCrystallinity by WAXSConclusionsReferencesComparative Evaluation of 100% Recycled and Virgin PP Fibre Reinforced ConcretesAlkali Resistance of the 100% Recycled and Virgin PP FibresConcrete Mix Design and Experimental ProgramConcrete Mix DesignCompressive Strength of ConcreteResidual Flexural Tensile Strength with CMODRound Determinate Panel TestMechanical Properties of the 100% Recycled and Virgin PP FibresCompressive Strength of ConcreteResidual Flexural Tensile Strength with CMODFlexural Strength and Toughness from RDPTConclusionsReferencesPost-cracking Performance of Concrete Reinforced by Various Newly Developed Recycled PP FibresCompressive Strength of ConcreteResidual Flexural Tensile Strength with CMODFlexural Strength and Toughness from Round Determinate Panel TestsConclusionsReferencesEnvironmental Benefits of Using Recycled PP Fibre Through a Life Cycle AssessmentLife Cycle Assessment ProcessFunctional Unit and Scenario FormulationsSystem BoundariesSteel Reinforcing MeshVirgin PP FibreIndustrial Recycled PP FibreDomestic Recycled PP FibreLife Cycle InventoryLife Cycle Impact AssessmentUncertainty AnalysisResultsDiscussionConclusionsReferencesApplications of 100% Recycled PP Fibre Reinforced ConcretesConcrete FootpathsPrecast Concrete Drainage PitsMaterials and SpecimensPit Test SetupResults and DiscussionConclusionsReferencesConclusionsRecommendations

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