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A short course of lectures
«The World within the group»

Group analysis: a multi-lateral realityThe therapist's horizonsChemical usesThe concept of horizonThe relatives groupThe Protestantisation of the socialReflectionsLife as literature: human beings as creativeNINE. Group analysis in contemporary societyPerpsectivism and pragmatismSheila and Andrea: organising world views?Alcoholics and addictsTherapy for the life-cycle: an older adultReflectionsThe irreducible subjectivity of the therapistVignette: a team in trouble?Vignette twoThe surgical metaphorFrom analyst to conductorSEVEN. A modern monster? The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. HydeAn exclusionary matrixClassical theoryPREFACEGrace's lifeOn history and the psychoanalytic movementPrakesh and Andrea: group lifeVignette: a therapy groupGroup analysis—democracy in practice?Dialogue of difference between son and motherSamuel Ward: Puritan diaristTherapy implications"You're not finished yet": the role of unformulated experienceThe articulation of identity politics: "carers"Vignette oneDutiful wives, ordained rolesA changing view of interpretationAporias of group analysisDisordered narrativeDewey's pragmatismFOUR. The articulated space of social unconsciousnessA tale of minor heroismTWO. Personal horizons, unformulated experience, and group analysisThe horizontal in group analysisNever on your own: parable of the "first word"Flesh, sex, and gender in early modern times— examples from historySheila: being a nonentity in a world of peopleMonstrosity: "to think of this creature ..."SIX. An exclusionary matrix: degenerates, addicts, homosexualsDiscussionDegenerates and dangerous classesHomosexualsSocial unconscious as imaginaryEIGHT. "And thereby hangs a tale": narrative dimensions of human lifeGLOSSARYThe resisting patientThe transference: an intersubjectivist viewAndrea: not enough lightVignette threeFIVE. Reforming subjectivity: personal, familial, and group implications of English reformationNEW INTERNATIONAL LIBRARY OF GROUP ANALYSIS FOREWORDThe marketplace of meaningClinical reflections: a synthesisPerspectivism and pragmatism in therapeutic work Moving horizons: therapeutic changeBetween abjection and idealsGroup analysis: values with which to explore values?Nietzsche's perspectivismTHREE. Perspectivism, pragmatism, group analysisThe archaeology metaphorPhilosophy as equipment for livingONE. Working intersubjectively: theory and therapyDiscussionMentalitiesWhat is good narrative?Principled, reflective inquiryCircles of the unsaidPOSTSCRIPTTheoretical reflectionsMetaphors for unconscious life: house, home, trafficReflectionsDangerous bodies, lustful women, witchesReflectionsSexualitiesGroup change within a town: from Dorchester to HeavenFamily life during troubled times
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