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Navigating environmental attitudes

Attitudes, Rivers, and Environmental FixesAttitudes Are EverythingThe Structural FixThe Three Fixes in the Departmental Coffee RoomThe Three Fixes for Environmental ProblemsLearning from LeopoldRunning the RiverReading Water and Minds"I Am in Love with Pines"Snout Beetles and Singing the BluesCleaning Up Oil: The Exxon ValdezLessons from WolvesThree Principles: Consistency, Direct Experience, and IdentityOzone Holes and Climate ChangeDirty Little SecretsConclusionAttitude Change ALDO LEOPOLD MEETS THE BENNINGTON WOMENDirect Experience and Identity ChangeIsolation and Changing Reference GroupsAttitudes and the MediaAttitude Change through Reframing: Wolves in the AdirondacksCWD and Wisconsin DeerThe Consistency Principle in Action: The Case of the Exxon MineCohort Effects: Old Attitudes Die OutPeriod Effects and Measurement ChallengesConclusionAttitudes Are Not EverythingThe Strange Case of LaPiere and the Chinese CoupleSituations versus AttitudesSo Why Did Leopold Vote to Place Bounties on Wolves?Saving the Saiga AntelopeAttitudes: Necessary but Not SufficientBehaviors Are Not Consistent EitherThe Specificity PrincipleAldo Leopold, LaPiere, and the Goose Hunting PermitsThe Invisible ConstraintsConclusionEducating the Public . . . and Other DisastersLesson from the Energy CrisisThe Structural Fix: Time-of-Use PricingTime-of-Use with EducationChanging Attitudes about the Exxon MineDisaster in Nevada: Advertising Fails AgainSo Why Do We Spend So Much on Advertising?Fish StoriesWhen the Irresistible Force Meets the Immovable ObjectConclusionNORMSNorms at HandelsbankenNorms and the Chinese CoupleNORMS 101Aldo Leopold and Tree-Cutting NormsThe Anti-litter NormInternal SanctionsFocusing and Deactivating NormsConsequences, Responsibility, and Environmental NormsCreating New NormsThe Catch-and-Release NormThe Antismoking NormThe Recycling NormThe Grandson TestStarting a FloodAwareness of Consequences and Norm EmergenceConclusionAldo Leopold and the Flying HorseLand Ethic as a ValueThe Land Ethic as a NormLeopold and the (Great) Grandson TestThe Land Ethic as a StandardRealizing a Land Ethic TodayThe Missing Road MapGetting Pegasus off the Ground: A Small Lesson in Horse FlyingConclusionAvoiding the Cognitive Fix Keeper HoleMiracle at Hood RiverAvoiding the Cognitive Fix Keeper HoleThe Stockholm Crowding TaxSmaller Fixes: Key CardsConclusionGoing with the FlowNavigating the River WolfCatching the Eddy: Designing with Deer Hunter AttitudesA Light Bulb That Really Wants to ChangeBack to the River WolfAvoiding Rocks: Adjusting to Attitudes in Washington D.C.ConclusionIncreasing the FlowReduce Litter? Get Rid of the Barrels!Reduce Litter? Advertise!Save Energy? Check on the Neighbors!Norms and Light Bulbs in ChicagoCreating a New Norm? Check out Stockholm!ConclusionThinking Beyond the RimAttitudes ReduxThe Three Fixes ReduxUse Enough (Social) Science: The Lake Mendota ProjectMissed Structural Fix at Delavan LakeThinking Beyond the Rim: Motors in the Grand CanyonConclusionAcknowledgmentsBibliography
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