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Mai Hich Community-Based Tourism Knowledge Biography

Contextual Setting

Mai Hich is a small village located in the Northwest mountainous area of Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province, Vietnam. Mai Chau is classified as a remote rural district where the vast majority of people rely solely on low and irregular income from agriculture activities. In 2012, the Mai Chau People’s Committee claimed that 32.6 % of households still lived in poverty and 24.1 % of these households suffered undernourishment between crop harvests (Nguyen, Luu, & Mac, 2014). Mai Hich is home to the White Thai minority ethnic group and, like many other villages in the region, its scenic landscapes and unique indigenous cultures provide opportunities where tourism can be developed as a means for poverty reduction. Over the past decade however, tourism activities have mainly been occurring in Lac village near the central area of Mai Chau, leaving other villages largely untouched (Nguyen, 2013). Thus until 2011, tourism was still a foreign concept to many locals in Mai Hich, despite the village’s close proximity (14 km distance) to the district center.

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