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Performance Evaluation

Based on the derived analytical mode, this section is to evaluate the effect of the weak and extreme selfishness on the information dissemination in MSNs.

Simulation Setup

It is assumed that the unit time of the system is 0.01 h. Since related studies show that the average inter-meet time between two nodes is around 5 h [27, 37], X is set as 0.002. In addition, the considered MSN is constructed by the real trace from logs of a mobile social system. Two people are friends if they have at least one record in the trace. Let y = 2.1, which is a typical exponent of a scale-free network. Basic parameters of the social graph are N = 802, E = 1222, and m = 1, respectively.

In the simulation, the number of infected nodes F(t) is used as the performance metrics. F(t) denotes the average number of nodes that have received information at time t. It also represents the efficiency of an information dissemination scheme in the network, in terms of how widely a message is propagated.

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