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The problem of food insecurity in Egypt is becoming increasingly challenging as a result of the numerous internal and external pressures that have accumulated over the years. The country’s reliance on food imports, despite its risks, seems inevitable in the near future. However, every measure needs to be taken to enhance food self-sufficiency, which could be achieved through a strategic plan to maximise resource use efficiency, minimise wastes, improve productivity and rationalise consumption.

In addition to the provision of enhanced levels of awareness of food consumption, nutritional diets and family planning, which have an impact on the problem of food security, an effective VET system is also capable of positively contributing to reducing the food gap. The latter could be achieved through the provision of skilled workers across the agricultural value chain with the required levels of efficiency to enhance production and reduce wastes of the already scarce natural resources. Nevertheless, the current system of VET fails to fulfil this role as a result of various institutional inefficiencies.

Some of the challenges facing VET and its development are more historically entrenched than others; however, a strategic and unified vision by the government to address these challenges could result in noticeable improvements in the medium and long terms. Hence, as a first step the government needs to work on addressing the challenges facing VET development with the aim of contributing (i) directly to the problem of food security enhancing domestic production and hence lower reliance on food imports; and (ii) indirectly through enhancing Egypt’s overall international competitiveness and strengthening of the economy to be able to withstand fluctuations in the international food market and reduce the severity of the food security problem in Egypt. So, in conclusion, VET could potentially contribute in a positive manner to the reduction of the problem of food insecurity; nevertheless, a positive impact would only be possible under an effective VET system.

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