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Actions for Food Security Undertaken by Households

In order to protect themselves from food insecurity, 696 households (53.3 %) produce food for their consumption, either as agricultural products or by processing agricultural products and producing food products. Also, 75.3 % (977 households) store food; 23.6 % (308 households) salt, cure, or pickle food; and 76.7 % (997 households) freeze food for their needs. Moreover, 22.6 % (295 households) store or freeze foods to serve others and 26.2 % (340 households) have other households (friends or relatives) store or freeze food for them. In this manner, over 90 % of the households in one way or another are engaged in actions to protect themselves from food insecurity. Thirty products that were mentioned constantly in the qualitative research were subsequently assessed in the field research.

The top five products produced are vegetables (79.4 %), sauces (72.6 %), jam preserves (55.6 %), pickled products (52.2 %), and pasta products (42.2 %). Concerning storing, freezing, salting, curing, or pickling foods, the top five products are sauces (79.7 %), flour (77.8 %), olive oil and olives (73.2 %), pasta products (68.7 %), and vegetables (67.7 %).

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