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Computational Transport Phenomena of Fluid-Particle Systems

Conservation Laws for Multiphase FlowIntroductionConservation of MassConservation of MomentumConservation of EnergyNomenclatureReferencesConservation and Constitutive Equations for Fluid-Particle Flow SystemsIntroductionBackground on the Kinetic TheoryBoltzmann Integral-Differential EquationConservation Laws with No Particle Interaction and CollisionsConservation of MassConservation of MomentumConservation of Solid-Phase Fluctuating EnergyConservation Laws with Particle Interaction and CollisionsBoundary ConditionsModeling of Multi-Type Particle Flow Using the Kinetic Theory ApproachModel DevelopmentContinuity EquationMomentum EquationFluctuating Energy EquationKinetic EquationExample: Numerical Simulation of Simple Shear FlowFrictional Behavior of Granular MattersMass, Momentum, and Constitutive EquationsNomenclatureReferencesHomogeneous and Nonhomogeneous Flow of the Particle PhaseIntroductionFiltered or Subgrid ModelEnergy Minimization Multi-Scale (EMMS) ApproachNomenclatureReferencesPolydispersity and the Population Balance ModelIntroduction to Polydisperse Systems and the Method of Moments Solution TechniqueClassical Method of Moments (MOM)Quadrature Method of Moments (QMOM)Direct Quadrature Method of Moments (DQMOM)Finite Size Domain Complete set of Trial Functions Method of Moments (FCMOM)Population Balance EquationFinite Size Domain Complete set of Trial Functions Method of Moments (FCMOM) ApproachCFD-PBE Coupling for Gas-Particle Flow SystemsVerification and Validation of FCMOMLinear GrowthHomogeneous AggregationNonhomogeneous Aggregation in Emulsion FlowSummary and ConclusionNomenclatureReferencesCase StudiesCFD Simulation of a Pharmaceutical Bubbling Bed Drying ProcessProblemSolutionConservation of EnergySpecies Balance Equation for WaterDrying Rate Model (Calculation of m)Boundary ConditionsNumerical SolutionCFD Simulation of a CO2 Capture Process in a CFB ReactorProblemSolutionReaction Kinetic ModelNumerical SolutionCFD-PBE Simulation of a CO2 Capture Process Using Solid SorbentsProblemSolutionNomenclatureReferences

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