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As Overall external particle surface area to unit volume ratio, m~

Cp Heat capacity, J/kg K

Cb CO2 concentration in gas, mol/m3

Ce Equilibrium CO2 concentration, mol/m3

C; Concentration at reaction interface, mol/m3

Dg Product layer diffusivity, m2/s

dp Particle diameter, m

Dvg Moisture diffusivity of gas phase, m2/s

Dvs Moisture diffusivity of solid phase, m2/s

ess Particle restitution coefficient

esw Restitution coefficient between solid and wall

f Number density function

f Dimensionless number density function

g0 Radial distribution function at contact during binary collision

hg Enthalpy of gas phase per unit mass, J/kg

hs Enthalpy of solid phase per unit mass, J/kg

Hvap Heat of vaporization per unit mass, J/kg

ks Reaction rate constant, m/s

Ksg Mass transfer coefficient, m/s

msg Mass transfer rate, kg/m3-s

MW Molecular weight, kg/kmol

N°MgO Initial number of moles of MgO, mol/m3

Nu Nusselt number

Pv Vapor pressure, N/m2

q Rate of heat flux, W/K

Qsg Rate of heat transfer per volume between gas and solid, W/m3

rr Rate of carbonation reaction, kmol/kg s

Rep Particle Reynolds number

rp Radius of sorbent particle, m

rc Radius of unreacted core of sorbent particle, m

Sc Schmidt number

Sh Sherwood number

T Temperature, K

vg Gas-phase velocity, m/s

vp Particle-phase velocity, m/s

vs Solid-phase velocity, m/s

vs,para Particle slip velocity parallel to the wall, m/s

X Sorbent conversion

Xcr Critical moisture content, kgwater/kgsolid

Xf Final volume-averaged moisture content, kgwater/kgsoiid

Xs Volume-averaged moisture content of the solid phase, kgwater/kgsolid

Yv Moisture fraction in gas phase

Y* Moisture fraction of saturated drying gas at surface of wet particles

Greek Symbols

ф Specularity coefficient between the particle and the wall pi ith moments of density distribution function ags Gas-particle heat transfer coefficient, W/m2 K ek kth phase volume fraction

в Granular temperature, m2/s2

? Sorbent density, kg/m3

pk kth phase density, kg/m3

тк kth phase stress tensor, N/m2

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