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Sustainability and Flexibility

Urban developments can be considered sustainable if resource consumption, waste and pollution are minimised and kept below in levels that are maintainable. If the mixed-use development is fine grained with highly permeable streets and compact urban forms, the area will be sustainable. The development is considered sustainable if:

  • 1. It is designed at human scale and compact enough to accommodate walkable streets for housing areas.
  • 2. There are robust with buildings and spaces that can change and be adapted over time to meet the emergent challenges and contribute to economic sustainability.
  • 3. The developmentā€™s design is logically distinctive, respects the local context and has a historical narrative within the urban fabric.
  • 4. The energy and resource conservation is implemented within the built environment. For example, building materials, road construction, service infrastructure, etc. make use of environmentally efficient means to conserve resources.
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