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National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD)

The NBAD, located in Abu Dhabi, is a double tower structure in pyramidal cross section with inversely reflected triangular peaks (Fig. 3.4). Its gray-colored glass clad gives a touch of formality to its prestigious offices and banking center. The pyramidal form is repeated at ground level with one vertex acting as a support point giving way to a grandiose entrance. Inside this space, there is a four storey atrium that is naturally lit, which in turn allows for exceptional views both to and from the exterior.

Al Bahar Towers

The award-winning Al Bahr Towers in the emirate of Abu Dhabi consists of two 29-storey, 145 m-high towers. Its dynamic fa?ade design, inspired from a traditional Islamic motif, was conceived as a contemporary interpretation of the traditional

Fig. 3.5 Al Bahr Towers, Abu Dhabi

Islamic “mashrabiya”; a popular form of wooden lattice screen found in vernacular Islamic architecture and used as a device for achieving privacy while reducing glare and solar gain (CTBUH 2013). The project brief called for two 29-story towers to create an outstanding landmark that would reflect the region’s architectural heritage together with the status of the client’s organization while providing a contemporary, sustainable building using modern technology (Fig. 3.5).

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