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Are Statistics Correct?

In the first part of the project, energy use of the Gavleborg multifamily building stock was analyzed by means of statistics from the National Statistics Bureau (SBC) reports and a register where energy use is recorded from Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), called Gripen and administered by Boverket (the National Board of Housing, Building, and Planning). Gripen is trusted to have more reliable statistics on energy use than SCB, since a certified auditor has been at site to collect information (building drawings, energy bills, etc.) compared with sampled telephone inquiries made by SCB. According to law, all multifamily buildings should have valid EPCs since 2008. However, an assumption on that this has been done to 100 % is not reasonable, though the majority of the stock should have this done. Moreover, several inaccuracies in Gripen have for example been investigated by Mangold et al. (2015), in terms of how the definition of floor area and default conversion values influence the performance statistics of individual or clusters of buildings.

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