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Social Impact

Hilton Ramses hotel has social impacts which will be discussed in this section with focus on society welfare (job vacancies), social interaction.

Society Welfare (Job Vacancies)

The number of jobs provided by the hotel is estimated by the number of employees per room guest for this type of 5-stars hotel which has full-time hotel staff in all departments, including bell service, restaurants, turndown bed service, and telecommunications personnel, among others. Hotels with theatre shows, casinos, and 24 h services require extra personnel and are employed at a still higher ratio, perhaps 1.5 employees per guest room (Vallen and Vallen 2009). The number of employees in Hilton Ramses hotel, which has 900 rooms and suites, is 1350 employees. This number of employees is even extended by almost 5 % in the event of social events and conferences to reach 1417 employees. Hence, it provides high employment opportunities as a building.

Social Interaction

Hilton Ramses hotel hospitality offers a set of multipurpose halls that can be used by the society for various events, and also the restaurants’ services can be used by the public. This allows for social interaction between communities as well as the tourists.

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