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Constructive and Functional Adaptation

The Illa de la Llum shies away from the usual image of a sealed glass prism that accompanies high-rise construction, distancing itself from technological displays and conventionality, and for this reason we have selected it for this text. It is the high-rise building of the Mediterranean, in accordance with the benign nature of the climate and respectful of the local customs that greatly value life in contact with the outside and give precedence to empirical and sensorial aspects that are difficult to quantify above standard values of comfort.

Despite its apparent technological simplicity, the Illa de la Llum takes the structure to the limit and is a clear example of efficient strategy regarding the resolution

Fig. 10.8 The building “Ilia de la Llum” shows a unique strategy by incorporating functionality and equipments

of the layout of the equipment up to the roof, where they practically disappear. It shows clear care in the design and execution of the smallest details, and is innovative in the incorporation of a new “in situ” prefabrication system.

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