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Railway Applications Requiring Broadband Wireless Communications

This chapter is dedicated to all the railway applications requiring broadband wireless communications. The works focus especially on the way to provide Internet access on board trains. The different technologies are reviewed, regarding initial research projects, architectures and existing deployed solutions.

Providing Internet access on board trains ensure broadband links between train and ground, which allows railway operators and infrastructure managers to ensure other applications. Thus, operational applications requiring high throughputs, relying on video transmission for instance, such as predictive maintenance and video surveillance, could be also considered. They are presented in the second part of the chapter.

Broadband Internet Access on Board Trains

Providing an Internet access on board trains became an important objective for railway operators in a more and more competitive domain. Several technologies and strategies can be implemented, relying globally on the same basic architecture presented in Sect. 1.1.5. A selected survey of the studies, projects and solutions deployed all around the world is presented.

Two issues have to be solved:

  • • How users access Internet on board (from the train access terminal)?
  • • How to connect the train (via the train access terminal) to the Internet backbone?

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E. Masson and M. Berbineau, Broadband Wireless Communications

for Railway Applications, Studies in Systems, Decision and Control 82,

DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-47202-7_2

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