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Lesson Learnt

In conclusion, four important lessons learnt from the dynamic modelling of livelihoods, health and well-being. They are listed as follow: A key to climate change adaptation, model production, god scriptures fulfilled, and community-based adaptation initiative.

Better Livelihood, Health and Well-Being—A Key to Climate Change Adaptation

This study is the first to modelling perceived climate change impact and adaptation in a single study in Tonga. It brought together information from five communities on specific mitigation and adaptation options, including environmentally sound technologies and infrastructure, sustainable livelihoods, health behaviour, lifestyle choices and well-being. It describes common contributing factors and constraints, and policy approaches, finance and technology on which effective response measures depend, in order to give these communities, the best possible options. This model integrates responses and links mitigation and adaptation with other societal objectives so that these communities will become prosperous in their lives in the future.

Most importantly, as an indirect benefit of this study, some of these mitigation and adaptation approaches have been implemented in Tonga recently. The result is that the people are now more aware about the impact of climate change on their livelihoods, health and well-being and how to adapt to these impacts. For instance, the installation of an E-Disaster Early Warning System that detects tsunamis and cyclones in Kanokupolu, and the rejuvenation of the Ancient Sia Heulupe Heritage site and the construction of a new community Evacuation Centre for Popua, inter alia, shows Tonga’s commitment to Resilient Tonga 2035 is real (Matangi Tonga Online 2016a, 2015, 2014, 2016b). Because this model supported the community development goal for Tonga, this paper argued that it should be adapted by the GOT, NGOs, international and regional organisation in order to build Tonga’s sustainable development capacity, to become a more resilient nation in the future.

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