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Our vision of the database is to provide a framework, which links data with integrated analysis steps, to provide assessments of the full analysis chain comprising the impact pathway from biophysical to socio-economic factors that determine regionally specific vulnerability to climate change. The set-up is therefore two-fold: on the one hand, the framework aims to provide a comprehensive knowledge repository. On the other hand, a direct link to the envisaged analysis framework allows for an integrated assessment of conditions to pave the way towards science-based adaptation.

By developing a conceptual frame and filling this with existing data across regions, the approach aims at strategically identifying the most important knowledge gaps. A central component of the concept is its co-development approach, which involves scientific experts as well as stakeholders and adaptation experts from the Pacific region. Counterparts to the Pacific database are planned in the Caribbean region as well as in West Africa. Each regional database focuses on regionally-specific needs and the individual starting situation, but will be developed with a view for integration across regions to ensure knowledge sharing and learning across the most vulnerable regions of the world. Figure 20.1 summarizes the main components to be included in the database. The final set-up of the database as well as the analysis framework will be developed, refined and adjusted in the context of regional priorities in the co-development setting jointly with regional experts. The focus lies on an integration of existing knowledge, to ensure there is additional value added through the strategic identification of urgent information needs. Information sources will include scientific publications and regional reports, existing databases as well as any other material of sufficient quality and robustness, to be assessed on a case by case basis.[1]

Overview of the database concept to support science-based adaptation planning for small islands

Fig. 20.1 Overview of the database concept to support science-based adaptation planning for small islands

  • [1] Regular updates on the progress will be available through Feedback,input and commendations are welcome at any time and can be directed to the correspondingauthor.
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