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Attracting Talents

MSF realises that salary and benefits are usually major factors that attract candidates to work for an organisation. However, matching compensation and benefits to external markets is not a priority for MSF. They pay well below the going market rate, so that the organisation is clear that people are coming for the work, not the cash:

We can’t really afford to be competitive [with the private sector] but we do at least want to make sure that we give people conditions that are sufficiently compatible ... [so that] they are willing to stay. people come also for the value of the work and that in a sense there has to be a balance.

But although MSF is not looking to compete with other organisations on the basis of salary, it still needs to attract talent. At MSF, according to one of our interviewees, two reasons for the attractiveness of the organisation are the opportunity of receiving a high-responsibility post even at a very young age, and the fact that employees can have a say in where they want to be deployed.

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