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Future of TM

Our interviewees expressed a belief that performance management should be a part of TM, because they feel that the performance management system is not streamlined enough to be able to really monitor talent. In the current system, some people may be managed as talents because of their initial screening, even though their subsequent performance indicates that the screening was inaccurate. It was also felt that TM could improve the performance management system by, for example, helping to set clear performance expectations:

Unfortunately . the tool itself is not the best tool on earth. It has a lot of shortfalls and it makes it difficult for a NETI to feel comfortable after his/her performance evaluation because the supervisors don’t necessarily attach a lot of importance to the tool. They don’t apply it properly.

Challenge of TM

The main challenge for TM at UNICEF is to overcome the already established norms and culture. People in the organisation were reluctant to discuss performance problems because, as one interviewee expressed, they are as tight-knit as a family.

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