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Joint TM at OCHA and UNDP

The unique feature of the TM programmes of two United Nations (UN) organisations, the United Nations Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) and the United Nations Development program (UNDP), is that it is a joint programme. Both organisations need to identify and develop the best leaders for more than 130 key coordination positions in their field operations. OCHA has been working for a number of years on an interagency model of TM. The participants of the TM programme are not OCHA’s staff members, and thus OCHA does not have full control over them:

.. .how do you do Talent Management in an inter-agency manner when the talent is owned by the individual agencies ... you cannot promise them anything for the future because that all happens at the agency level.

Organisation Overview

OCHA was created in 1991 with the mandate of ensuring efficient responses during humanitarian crises through the coordination of all stakeholders involved in relief operations. When a crisis arises, the Chief of OCHA or Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC) appoints a humanitarian coordinator (HC). The HC ensures that the needs of the affected population are addressed without the duplication of efforts or waste of resources. UNDP employs resident coordinator (RC)/resident representative (RR) roles in most developing countries. Sometimes, in a smaller country, the same person can hold more than one of these roles.

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