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Definition of Talent and TM

To identify people for those jobs, competencies are defined and an assessment is designed and conducted by an independent entity. Twice a year, organisations within the UN system can nominate their senior leaders to go through a rigorous, independent and transparent Resident Coordinator Assessment Centre (RCAC). Depending on their availability to take up a position outside their parent organisation, successful RCAC candidates are put onto a roster. These candidates apply for upcoming coordinator positions and are then further screened by a UN Inter-Agency Appointment Panel (IAAP) based on their assessment reports, their updated CVs, and in some specific cases further interviews. From among the shortlisted candidates, the UN Secretary General selects the final candidates for RC/RR/HC positions.

OCHA, on behalf of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC), has supported the development of a specific talent management programme, called the IASC HC Pool, where candidates from the UN and non-UN agencies (NGOs or Governments) are pre-screened and rostered by the IASC panel members based on humanitarian competencies.

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