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Organizational Propensities to Share: Revisiting Talent Mobilization and Redistribution in Multinational Corporations

David Starr-Glass

Abstract This theoretical and reflective chapter examines human resource management practices regarding talent in multinational corporations. It explores the multiple meanings that have been attributed to talent and to its global management and then uses these meanings to question talent management practices within the organization. It suggests that current practices often reflect an implicit, but not fully articulated, set of philosophical assumptions (meta-principles) about talent and about the organization’s propensity to internally share, mobilize, and redistribute its multiple talent resources. This chapter reviews ways through which appropriate talent can be mobilized within the multinational corporation and directed to areas where it can be optimally utilized. This chapter argues that relevant architectural structures and bridges should be created by the human resource function to facilitate the cross-border mobility and internal redistribution of organizational talent and considers the cross-cultural challenges and training involved.

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