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How Can HRM Help a Company to Attract Talent?

At the level of how HRM can contribute to the attraction of talent, and also to retain as per the next question, there is a tendency for responses not to consider this department or direction apart from the other areas of management, but in interconnection with them, characterized by a transversality of themes, actions and diffusion of policies, and practices in the company as a whole [7, 10].

As to the factors or strategies that favour talent attraction by HRM, the respondents mention: the credibility of the company in the market (26 answers in 50), standing out at this level the “perception of honesty and seriousness of the company” (Subj. 1M), and “the level of demand associated with a reputed company, responsible at the technical, social and environmental level” (Subj. 3F).

Another category of responses highlights recognition, which is related not only to remuneration, incentives and benefits policies (39 answers in 50), but also to “practices that keep motivated, happy, and satisfied talents with the work they do” (Subj. 3F). As highlights by one of the respondents: “When we work in a company that shows interest and concern for its employees, it is much easier to captivate and keep their workers fulfilled” (Subj. 4F).

As regards good working conditions, these are translated by respondents not only in terms of physical conditions, but also in what they call “good working environment for relations between people in different sectors” (Subj. 2F), and the potential for growth and development through psychological and mental conditions to perform work, in this case to express talent. For example: “Have a team work together, show the importance that this talent represents. Give freedom to this talent to suggest new procedures or necessary changes. Give the necessary support so that his function is fulfilled successfully” (Subj. 5F).

More specifically and explicitly referring to the performance of HRM within the scope of talent attraction, the following aspects stand out from the data, as Table 2.

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