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Can You Identify Three Talents (Individual and/or Collective)?

When asked to identify talents, respondents diverged in the characteristics and nature of what is a talent. The answers can be classified in three categories: personality, knowledge and group, as presented in Table 3, with the number of references (refs.) made by the respondents.

A different categorization also emerged when talent was projected as an individual or an organization. Table 4 presents the top 5 talents identified by the respondents for each category.

These categories contain a set of characteristics, competencies and capacities of diverse nature that define a talent and that allow to perceive it as an important resource for the organization. A resource with unique value, which allows in theoretical terms an approach to resource-based theory [37]. Based on this theory, talent can be perceived as a resource that is an asset, which will add value to the organization and mark it in a distinctive way [16, 25, 37].

The respondents also adopted a perspective of talent as a natural gift, with the most important 10 being: communication (27 refs.); drawing (15 refs.); painting (13 refs.); dance (12 refs.); resolving conflicts (10 refs.); writing (7 refs.); musical skill (16 refs.); sports fitness (14 refs.); leadership (16 refs.); persistence and overcoming (22 refs.).

Table 3 Categories and talents




Persistence (9 refs.) Resilience (8 refs.) Responsibility (8 refs.) Creativity (7 refs.) Critical spirit (2 refs.) Humility (1 refs.) Persuasion (1 refs.)


Know how to communicate (12 refs.) Leadership ability (7 refs.)

Global management capacity (1 refs.) Organization (1 refs.)

Reasoning ability (1 refs.)

Conflict management (1 refs.)


Teamwork (7 refs.) Proactivity (4 refs.) Work capacity (2 refs.)

Table 4 Individuals and organizations as talents

Categories Talents


Cristiano Ronaldo (42 refs.) Pope Francis (31 refs.) Freddy Mercury (24 refs.) Steve Jobs (29 refs.)

Picasso (28 refs.)

Clint Eastwood (22 refs.) John Lennon (19 refs.) Barack Obama (17 refs.) Meryl Streep (13 refs.) Leonard da Vinci (8 refs.)


Portuguese Football Team (34 refs.)

Google Inc. (26 refs.)

Apple Inc. (24 refs.)

Leicester City Football Club (18 refs.)

Continental AG (Portuguese subsidiary company) (16 refs.) AIESEC (international students association) (15 refs.)

BBC Station (14 refs.)

International Amnisty (12 refs.)

United Nations (11 refs.)

Unicef (8 refs.)

Table 5 Business companies that adequately manage their talents

Portuguese companies

Non-Portuguese companies


IKEA International Group (Sweden)


Apple Inc. (EUA)

Primavera Business Software Solutions

Microsfft Corporation (EUA)


Walt Disney World Resort (EUA)

Jeronimo Martins

Google Inc. (EUA)

Continental AG (Portuguese subsidiary)

Lidl & Cia (Germany) Facebook Inc. (EUA) FNAC (France)

BBC (United Kingdom) COCA-COLA (USA) Inditex (Spain)

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