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Can You Identify Any Team/Person that Has Done or Does Good Talent Management?

In order to explore other entities, and not limit the analysis of talent management to organizations or corporate businesses, the respondents were asked to identify teams/persons recognized by good practices of talent management. The results are synthesized in Table 6. The three categories along which the answers can be structured are: sport teams, organizations and individual entities.

Within the category of sport teams, the main aspects highlighted were the work carried out in the field of training and development of talents both individually, where the team has players that are clearly identified as playing the central role, but

Table 6 Teams/persons with good talent management



Sport Teams

Sport Lisboa e Benfica (Portugal)

Sporting Club de Portugal (Portugal)

Portugal National Football Team (Portugal) AFC Ajax (The Netherlands)

Futbol Club Barcelona (Spain)

Real Madrid Club de Futbol (Spain)

Barcelona Basketball Team (Spain)

Leicester City Football Club (United Kingdom)



UNESCO (France)

AIESEC (Netherlands)

Amnesty International (United Kingdom) UNICEF (New York City)

United Nations (New York City)

Individual entities

Companies CEO’s

Presidents of sport clubs

Presidents of International Organizations

Leonard Cohen

Green Day (USA)

also the talent of the group and not of individuals. This situation happened not only with the Portuguese Football Team that won the European Championship in 2016, but also with Leicester City that won the English Premier League (year 2015-2016) without any “football star”, contrary to most expectations, especially of bettors. In what concerns organizations, the main aspect is related with how they attract talent, form and commit to their retention.

The identifications of individual entities considered to have the capacity to develop sports and business teams focused on the coaches of the mentioned football teams and the CEOs of the companies mentioned in the previous question, as well as presidents of the organizations also previously referred. Of note is the reference to Green Day and the singer Leonard Cohen and their musicians, as they are considered as examples in managing their own talents, as well as the talent of others with whom they work, and being good examples in the mastery of the arts, the art of managing talents.

It is also worth mentioning that of the 50 participants, 27 also referred to their families as successful team cases, assigning an important role to parents, and particularly grandparents, “in the integrated and sustained consolidation and development of the family that is a reality and a group of high complexity” (Subj. 2F). It should be recalled that these results cannot be separated from the fact that the respondents are Portuguese, young students completing their undergraduate course.

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