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Analysis and Discussion of Results

Beyond the Literature Review and after the presentation of the Research Methodology, below follows this case study explanation, analysis, and discussion of results.

The empirical research took place on a prestigious Portuguese multinational company.

The Company


The case study’s company is a Portuguese multinational founded in 1959. It is a retail company (food retail, specialized retail and retail properties) with two core partnerships: shopping centers and telecoms. In order to assure the confidentiality and anonymity rights of the company, we decided to call it “Y”.

The Y world. Source Management Report’ 14

Fig. 1 The Y world. Source Management Report’ 14

The company’s corporate strategy is based upon the creation of value through three strategic pillars: international expansion, diversifying the investment style, and leveraging the asset base in Portugal [23]. Therefore, internationalization is the foremost strategic priority for future growth, and it focuses on core businesses and adjacent businesses areas.

At the end of 2014, the company was active in 67 countries (Fig. 1), including operations, third-party services, representative offices, franchising agreements, and partnerships.

According to the Chairman’s Letter presented on the Management Report [24, p. 19]: “Success comes from valuing our team. This is a living organization and we are committed to ensuring that every single colleague feels that they are important to our success.”

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