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A short course of lectures
«Strategic Management in the 21st Century. Theories of Strategic Management»

STRATEGY AND STRATEGIC MANAGEMENTRESOURCE-BASED THEORIES OF BUSINESS STRATEGYNOTESStrategy TheoriesCharacteristics of Entrepreneurs—Bygrave's WorkEmotional AttachmentUNCERTAINTYHierarchyMCKINSEY 7S MODELTHE TOWARD PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE FRAMEWORKTransaction Cost EconomicsStevenson's Six DimensionsEarly Concepts of StrategyValuableA Framework for Major Theories of Business StrategySources of Firms' Economic PerformancePromoting Responsible BehaviorLiterature Related to Growth and ResourcesNOTESThe Deep Pockets ArenaENTREPRENEURSHIP VERSUS INTRAPRENEURSHIPKnowledge-Based View (KBV)TPE IMPLEMENTATIONThe Mind of an Entrepreneur—Timmons' WorkThe Deep Pockets ArenaWhistle-BlowingITERATIVE INVESTMENT AND COMMITMENTLiterature Related to Models to Measure a Firm's Economic PerformanceA LOOK BACKCompetitive Dynamics TheoryUNIQUE VALUESustained Competitive AdvantageAbout the Editors and ContributorsCHARACTERISTICS OF SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURSSmall Numbers ExchangeTrust MaintenanceStrategic Integrity Management as a Dynamic CapabilityStrategic DecisionsCONCLUDING THOUGHTSINDUSTRY-BASED FOUNDATIONS OF BUSINESS STRATEGYSVM'S APPLICATION TO SUSTAINABILITYGrowth and Stock Value CreationHybridResources Part 1: Physical versus Intellectual CapitalOrganized to be ExploitedTHE FIRST DIMENSION OF SVM: PROFITS DRIVEN BY COMPETITIONHypercompetition in the 21st Century: A Look Back and a Look ForwardDifficult to Imitate and NonsubstitutableEvolving Views of EntrepreneurshipHOW COSTS ARE CREATEDThe Product-Market Growth MatrixINFLUENCING THE ENTREPRENEURIAL ENGAGEMENT—A MOTIVATIONAL ASPECTThree-Dimensional View of Product-Market DecisionsDealing with Complexities: The Role of Management FrameworksMiles and Snow TypologyTHE BALANCED SCORECARD AND STRATEGY MAPSBASIC PRINCIPLES FOR AN EFFECTIVE INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT PROGRAMA BRIEF HISTORYTrust RepairThe Age of Temporary AdvantageWHAT ARE TRANSACTION COSTS?The Disruption of HypercompetitionGeneric Competitive StrategiesCompetitive ForcesStrategic Value Management: A New Generation of Strategic Management ThinkingTakeawaysLiterature Related to Entry Barriers as Components of Market PowerADDITIONAL UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY RECOGNITIONAsset SpecificityStrategy and Entrepreneurship—A Discussion of Strategic EntrepreneursDRAWBACKS OF ALLIANCESSOME HISTORY OF ECONOMIC THEORIES UNDERLYING ENTREPRENEURSHIPTHE VRINO FRAMEWORKMonitoringOpportunistic BehaviorA PORTFOLIO OF OPTIONS VERSUS AN OPTION ON A PORTFOLIOTYPES OF ENTREPRENEURS: A CATEGORIZATIONLiterature Related to Market Power and ResourcesTHE THIRD DIMENSION OF SVM, CAPITAL DRIVEN BY RESOURCESResponsible LeadershipExamples of Intrapreneurial ActivitiesThe Cost-Quality ArenaTHE SIX PERFORMANCE DRIVERSTransaction Cost EconomicsTrust and ReputationManagerial ImplicationsNOTESNOTESWhy Study Theories of Business Strategy?THE DYNAMIC CAPABILITIES PERSPECTIVEEVOLUTION OF ALLIANCESMarket PowerAPPENDIX: LITERATURE REVIEWTHE SECOND DIMENSION OF SVM: SALES GROWTH-DRIVEN INNOVATIONTakeawaysMOTIVATIONS FOR ENTERING INTO A STRATEGIC ALLIANCELiterature Related to How to Measure a Firm's Economic Performance, and Its Connection with Industry and Firm's FactorsLITERATURE REVIEWThe Competitive Advantage of Strategic Alliances: Companies Profiting from Partnerships with Competing and Noncompeting CompaniesMANAGING ALLIANCES WITH COMPETITORS AND NONCOMPETITORSINTEGRATING ENTREPRENEURSHIP WITH STRATEGYTHE PROCESS OF ENTREPRENEURSHIPLiterature Related to Intellectual CapitalSTRATEGIC ENTREPRENEURSHIPDecision MakingRISK ACCEPTANCEMajor Theories of Business StrategyComplianceLimitations of Product-Market-Based Views of Business StrategyThe Cost-Quality ArenaTHE SPIDER CHARTAgency TheoryBASIC PRINCIPLES FOR AN ORGANIZATIONAL SET-UP OF AN INTEGRITY AND COMPLIANCE DEPARTMENTIndustrial Organization (IO) TheoryTrustworthinessSTRATEGIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP— CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORKSPolaroid: A Classic Case of Strategic FailureResources and Dynamic Capabilities: The Foundations of Competitive AdvantageNOTESMANAGEMENT FRAMEWORKS OVERVIEWHistorical Development and Overview of Strategy TheoryStrategic ManagersResources Part 3: Resources Developed Internally versus Acquired versus SharedFIVE REASONS TO INVEST IN AN INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT PROGRAMPERCEIVED VALUE AND BENCHMARKINGBureaucracyGovernanceTransaction FrequencyEnforcementInformation Asymmetry and ImpactednessCRITICAL DIMENSIONSTakeawaysManaging Organizational Trust in the 21st Century: A Pragmatic Approach to Trust Development, Maintenance, and RepairTrust DevelopmentTHE 5PS MODEL BY PRYOR, WHITE, AND TOOMBSROUTINES AND CAPABILITIESInnovation and Resources StrategiesSVM FOR A GOVERNMENT AGENCY, ARMED FORCES, NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONSGame TheoryTransparencyINTERLUDE: FOUR ARENAS ANALYSISEnforcing Integrity StandardsNOTESThe Strongholds ArenaThe Resource-Based View (RBV)Monitoring and ReportingREAL OPTION VALUATIONNOTESLiterature Related to Concentration as a Proxy of Market PowerClassical Capitalist Economic TheoryCoordinationRecapUncertaintyACCENTURE'S ADVANCED PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONThe Timing and Know-How ArenaMODIFIERSFrom "Quest for Value" to Quest for ValuesELEMENTS AND CORE ACTIVITIES OF AN EFFECTIVE INTEGRITY AND COMPLIANCE PROGRAMTrainingTHE EVOLUTION OF STRATEGIC MANAGEMENTOVERVIEW OF TRUSTOptions and Strategic ManagementResources Part 2: Unique, Inimitable and Rare Resources to Boost Market Power and InnovationNOTESSocial Entrepreneurs—Past and PresentIndependent, Internal AssuranceHow Governance Structure Is ChosenWal-Mart: A Classic Success StoryINPUT MARKET ADVANTAGESFuture Directions in Business Strategy Theoretical DevelopmentMarketIntegrating Values and Integrity StandardsPRODUCT-MARKET-BASED VIEWS OF BUSINESS STRATEGYCOMPETITION-BASED THEORIES OF BUSINESS STRATEGYResource-Based View (RBV)TakeawaysIRREVERSIBILITYNeoclassical TheoryMonitoringEVOLUTION OF THEORIES IN STRATEGIC MANAGEMENTBACKGROUNDAPPROACHES TO STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT: HISTORY TO PRESENTThe Strongholds ArenaThe Link between Stock Value Creation and Strategic ManagementRisk PreferenceOrganizational ResourcesContractingENTREPRENEURSHIP EXTENDS ITS INFLUENCE— THE RISE OF THE SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURApplying the VRINO FrameworkTHE FOUNDATIONS OF THE RESOURCE-BASED VIEWDynamic CapabilitiesUNIQUE DISCOUNT RATESA LOOKAHEADBounded RationalityTHE ENTREPRENEUR AND THE NOTION OF VISIONNOTESSOME MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORKS WORK BETTER THAN OTHERSSearchSchumpeterian VisionThe Timing and Know-How ArenaStrategic ConflictNegotiatingPOSITIONING WITHIN THE ORGANIZATIONAL CONTEXTEstablishing Integrity StandardsPRACTICAL GUIDANCERarityTHE SOURCE OF CORPORATE INTEGRITY ISSUESMANAGEMENT IMPLICATIONS
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