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Image Coding

Abstract In this chapter, we propose a novel Linear Local Distance Coding (LLDC) method to increase the accuracy of staining patterns classification. We introduce local distance vector, which is a modification of distance vector in Local Distance Coding (LDC) method. Local distance vector is generated by using only the local neighbors in a merged feature dataset instead of calculating neighbors in every class-specific feature dataset. Therefore it can ignore disturbance from isolated classes. Using image-to-class distance makes it more class-specific as desired for classification. Meanwhile, distance vector in LDC method is obtained by using a linear coding scheme which aggravates the information loss. Local distance vector is only based on Euclidean distance and avoids coding process in distance vector transformation, therefore it is more discriminative. Experiments on a public HEp-2 cells dataset consistently show that the image representation produced by LLDC method achieves better performance compared with state-of-the-arts.

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