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A Brief Description of the Contents of Preparation Programs

Preparation Programs for Elementary Teachers

The programs of study offered at UNA and UCR are divided into 16-week semesters. The other universities use a 12-week quarter system. A Bachelor’s Degree is eight quarters. Most of them offer a Licentiate which implies three or four quarters past the Bachelor’s. The public universities have a lateral exit to a Certificate,[1] upon completing five quarters (in the case of UNED) or four semesters in the case of (UNA and UCR).

In the Elementary Education programs at both the public and private universities there are courses in philosophy, curriculum, planning, evaluation and general teaching methods. The programs also include content courses in the basic disciplines: Spanish, Sciences, Social Studies and Mathematics. Some also offer discipline-specific teaching methods courses. Some programs emphasize specific disciplines. For example, the University of San Jose (private) offers an emphasis in Spanish and English, and only requires one content course in each of the other basic disciplines. The Independent University (private) has an emphasis in Spanish- Social Studies, and requires no Mathematics courses. Graduates from both those private universities are often contracted by the MEP for classroom assignments in which they will have to teach Mathematics.

  • [1] Certificate in UNA and UNED or Teaching degree in UCR.
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