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Public Universities

UNED has offered professional development since 2004. Their programs last approximately two years and have been offered in various regions of the country (Hume 2009, cited by Barrantes et al. 2010).

In UNA, a university Project called Education and Development in Costa Rica has been offering professional development for cycle I and II teachers since 2008. This project is connected to Plan 200 of the MEP. The university provides human resources and creates materials, while the MEP establishes the topics and gives guidelines to follow (Viquez 2009, cited by Barrantes et al. 2010).

In UCR, according to Valverde (2012), the Department of Elementary and Preschool Education, in its Section of Elementary Education, has been offering professional development as modules for in-service teachers in the area of Mathematics.

Since 2008 TEC’s School of Mathematics has been publishing a calendar for elementary schools in which they propose a problem for every day of the year. Using that calendar as the basis, in 2011 they provided some professional development to elementary teachers (Meza 2012).

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