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The absent State control of teacher preparation programs at the universities has meant that the private universities with lower program quality are now graduating more teachers. This has had repercussions on the status of the profession and in the possibilities for improving classroom teaching. If this situation persists, it will be almost impossible to have the appropriate conditions to meet the challenges faced in Mathematics teaching.

If the teacher preparation programs (both Elementary and Secondary) in the universities do not make significant changes based on research and international best practices that converge with the new curriculum approved in 2012, it will not be possible to assure continuity in the positive changes that have been introduced in the country.

The continuity of the Mathematics Education Reform in Costa Rica project is not assured. Also, it is not guaranteed that the impetus generated by the reform will more forward, as it depends on the MEP. Conspiring against such continuity is the lack of State policy to not modify positive and successful processes simply for convenience or out of ignorance (In Costa Rica the government, and therefore the Minister of Public Education, changes every four years). Another threat is that it is possible that MEP officials who see themselves affected by curricular change and the pressure of new duties (they would like to reject) might be able to impose setbacks to the reform.

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