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Some Historical Facts Relevant to the History of Education the Dominican Republic

The historians, Fiallo and German (1999) and Almanzar (2008), have organized the most important episodes of legislation and teacher preparation that have affected Dominican Education into four periods.

From the Rise of the Dominican State to the Rise of the Normal Schools (18441879)

During this period the first law concerning public instruction in elementary schools was enacted and with it the Dominican education system was created. The law created regulations for the management of the schools. It further established that schools should have exercises in grammar and arithmetic operations, as well as formal tests. In 1846 the government established programs of study for both elementary and secondary schools.

From Normal Schools to Occupation by the United States of America (18791924)

The Normal Schools were created in 1879. In 1881 the Institute for Young Ladies was created to prepare female teachers. The Normal Schools became Central Colleges in 1885, but began to reappear as Normal Schools beginning in 1900. Farm Schools and rural schools were created. It was during this period that education became obligatory for boys and girls from 7 to 14 years old in co-educational settings.

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