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In the last few years the Dominican Republic has made important attempts to provide certified teachers to the system. Various in-service teacher professional development programs have been developed. INAFOCAM has implemented scholarship programs that have helped many teachers. Nevertheless, these efforts have not translated into improvements in student learning.

One of the challenges for Dominican education is to create Master’s and doctoral programs to prepare teachers at the highest level, with qualified and experienced professors, especially in the basic sciences. The quality of programs and courses of continuing education must be strengthened to respond to the needs that have been detected. Also, the results of research on curricular design must be linked to teacher preparation programs. There is evidence that teachers at all levels have significant weaknesses in their mathematical knowledge in general and in particular with respect to the Mathematics they teach. They also have weaknesses with respect to specialized methods and strategies for facilitating and evaluating the learning of Mathematics. Therefore, initial and continuing preparation programs must focus on these detected weaknesses.

The panorama that has been described in this report reflects that the Dominican Republic has much to do to improve education. One of the central aspects in this sense is the preparation of qualified teachers that can successfully confront the challenges faced by modern society.


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