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Research in Mathematics Education and Academic Networks in Relation to Initial and Continuing Teacher Preparation

Programs and Lines of Research

Research in Mathematics Education in Venezuela is carried out mainly in graduate programs. However, there is no research agenda in Mathematics Education that is a product of those programs. The graduate programs are linked to a certain extent with research units or groups and their respective lines of study that have over time been consolidated in various universities throughout the country. They include the Center for Research in Mathematics Education at UPEL-Maturin, the “Dr. Emilio Medina” Center for Research at UPEL-Maracay, the Basic Research in Mathematics Education Unit at UNEG, the Program Teacher Thinking and Action within the Line of Research on the Teaching of Mathematics at LUZ, the Center for Research in the Teaching of Mathematics Using New Technologies at UPEL-Maracay, the Center for Research in Mathematics and Physics at UPEL-IPC, the “Juan Manuel Cagigal” Center for Research at UPEL-Miranda, the Unit for Research on Elementary Education at UC-Aragua, and the Group for Research and Dissemination in Mathematics Education created in the context of the Line of Research on Mathematics Teaching at UCV.

However, the impact of research carried out in Work Groups in these graduate programs has been very limited. The results are rarely disseminated and many proposals are not implemented. Work Groups do work related to the general Education System. They research topics such as teacher preparation, history of Mathematics in Venezuela, the relationship between Mathematics and other disciplines, and the teaching of specific topics in Elementary or Secondary schools with the use of alternative strategies.

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