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How old is the oldest rock and mineral found on Earth?What is the Triassic period and how did it get its name?What is the Newark Supergroup and why is it significant?When were radiometric dating techniques discovered?Who was the first person to coin the term dinosaur?Do scientists believe the Microraptor could fly?In general, what comprises a dinosaurs skull?Where were the oldest fossilized dinosaur embryos found?What are vertebrates?Why did the reptiles dominate during the Mesozoic but not the amphibians?Why is the debate over dinosaur metabolism so important?What changes occurred in the Thyreophora during the Cretaceous period?How did the Majungatholus remains explain the pachycephalosaur?What were the maniraptorans?How did life evolve after the early one-celled organisms?What were the ceratosaurs?What gases began to accumulate after Earths crust finally solidified?What can dinosaur bones tell us about their internal heat regulation?Where can I get information about participating in dinosaur digs?What events led to the dominance of dinosaurs in the Mesozoic era?What were the general characteristics of the Triceratops?JURASSIC PERIODWhat is the Tendaguru formation?What do dinosaur bones indicate to paleontologists about the health of these animals?What ornithopod dinosaurs lived in the Jurassic period?What does the internal structure of Scipionyx samniticus reveal about the ancestry of birds?What was the largest dinosaur known to have existed during the Triassic period?Why arent huge amounts of dinosaur bones found in late Cretaceous period rock layers?How do scientists determine the age of fossils?Where did the last dinosaurs live?Were east coast dinosaur tracks found by an amateur paleontologist?How did the end of the Cretaceous period rank among Earths extinctions?What was the first mounted dinosaur skeleton in the Western Hemisphere?Which major Cretaceous period dinosaurs were herbivores and carnivores?Did dinosaurs migrate?Are there any fossils of dinosaur skin?What is a problem with the environmental theory of dinosaur extinction?How did the northern continent of Laurasia and the southern continent of Gondwana change during the Jurassic period?Why did the plant-eating sauropods die out while the ornithopods thrived during the Cretaceous period?HOW TO FIND DINOSAUR BONESINTERNATIONAL DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES What was the first dinosaur track to be described?What was the next stage in the evolution towards true dinosaurs?What bones held the dinosaurs teeth?Why was the impact at Chicxulub so devastating?What are some major questions associated with the movement of dinosaurs?What are the divisions of the Mesozoic era?Did any dinosaur species survive the extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period?Has there been any evidence of a recent killer asteroid?What are the divisions of the geologic time scale?What are the oldest-known fossils found in rock on Earth?What are certification programs in the field of dinosaur paleontology?Did any Triassic period dinosaurs fly?Were birds the only animals that sported feathers?How did the reptiles give rise to the dinosaurs?What are the two general theories as to how fast the dinosaurs went extinct?Is the Eoraptor lunensis also one of the most primitive dinosaurs?What bone phenomena do both humans and dinosaurs share?DINOSAURS ALL AROUND USWhat are some good Web sites about dinosaurs?When did reptiles first evolve from amphibians?What were some other organisms besides dinosaurs that became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period?DINOSAUR SKINWhat is the Morrison formation and where is it found?What groups did not survive the extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period?Did dinosaurs urinate?What were the smallest and largest dinosaurs known in the Cretaceous period?What dinosaur fossil found in Italy showed the remnants of soft parts?Who first hypothesized the impact scenario?Did dinosaurs travel in herds?Does everyone believe Archaeopteryx was a link to dinosaurs?Did some early scientists believe birds were related to dinosaurs?MATURE DINOSAURSORNITH IS CHIAN DINOSAURSHow can geologic maps be obtained?Did any dinosaurs fly?What are some examples in which amateurs found dinosaur sites?What were the pachycephalosaurs like?Where was the worlds oldest and most primitive duck-billed dinosaur found?Were dinosaurs intelligent?What do traumatic fractures in the bones of large theropods (carnivores) tell us about the behavior of these animals?Did dinosaurs see in color or black and white?When did life first begin on Earth?If the dinosaurs were just evolving, which land and marine animals dominated the Triassic period?What are some of the Archaeopteryx fossils found to date?What can paleontologists tell about the lifestyle of a large carnivore (theropod) from its fossil bones?How did the Badlands of the Red Deer River Valley form?What was the purpose of the giant sauropod Apatosaurus's (formerly known as Brontosaurus) tail-tip?When did growth ring bone tissue develop during a dinosaurs life?How many species of dinosaurs were living at the end of the Cretaceous period?Were there dinosaurs at the beginning of the Mesozoic?How old is Earth?When did the idea of extinction become accepted?What are birds?AFTERMATH OF EXTINCTIONWhat are some of the largest dinosaur trackways in North America?What were trilobites and when did they exist?Where are extremely large dinosaur bones being found and why?What was unusual about the teeth of a Tyrannosaurus rex?How might dinosaurs have evolved if they had not gone extinct 65 million years ago?Did dinosaurs get blown away by hurricanes?What is the earliest-known herbivorous dinosaur?How did dinosaurs become so prolific between the Triassic and Jurassic periods?Why was the Cambrian Explosion, also called the evolutionary big bang?How can I learn more about dinosaurs?What do dinosaur trackways tell paleontologists about dinosaur diets?How are dinosaur fossils distinguishable from other fossils?What carnivorous dinosaur fossils had traces of a bird-like beak?What are the encephalization quotients (EQs) for some typical modern-day mammals?TRIASSIC DINOSAURSWhat is a fossil?What is relative time in relationship to geologic time?What were the marginocephalians?What are the tetrapods?What does the term dinosaur mean?Were there many dinosaurs during the Triassic period?How were Cretaceous period saurischian dinosaurs different from Jurassic dinosaurs?Where is one of the worlds largest paleontological institutes located?What do the divisions on the geologic time scale represent?Did any Triassic period dinosaurs live in the oceans?OTHER EXTINCTION THEORIESDid other animals prey on dinosaurs?When did scientists determine the jigsaw puzzle fit of the continents?Have any dinosaur DNA or proteins survived 65 million years?Where and when were dinosaur fossils first discovered in the United States?What is the largest raptor claw found to date in the world?OTHER LIFE IN THE CRETACEOUSDINOSAUR FOSSILSWhat groups survived the extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period?Where were the first dinosaur footprints found in the United States?What is the evidence for dinosaur and other life form extinction?How did the Lambeosaurinae and Hadrosaurinae differ?What does theropod dinosaur brain size tell us about their metabolism?What was the first mounted dinosaur cast reflecting a bipedal stance in the United States?What are the divisions of the Triassic period?What possible large Jurassic dinosaur is only known from drawings of a fossil?Have any dinosaur eggs been found in a dinosaurs belly area?Did life develop more than just one time?What were the unique characteristics of the Oviraptorosauria?What were the ornithomimosaurs?What are impact craters and are there any on Earth?What was the Cretaceous period and how did it get its name?What was the original purpose of feathers on dinosaurs?DINOSAURS IN MOTIONWhen did the first primitive dinosaurs appear?What were Laurasia and Gondwana?What English island continues to be a hotspot for dinosaur fossil discoveries?What types of plants did not disappear at the end of the Cretaceous period?Why was the discovery of Giganotosaurus important?What are some calculated speeds of dinosaurs?Could a killer cosmic cloud have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?Who first developed a method to protect excavated dinosaur bones?What is the climate theory of dinosaur extinction?Which major Jurassic period dinosaurs were herbivores and carnivores?What were the stegosaurs?What can paleontologists tell about the lifestyle of a large herbivore (sauropod) from its fossil bones?What was so special about the evolution of the ichthyosaurs?What were the first land animals and why did they move onto the dry land?Are all coprolites large, especially those from the larger dinosaurs?What were the tetanurans?What evidence do we have concerning the movement of dinosaurs?What was a common characteristic of the surviving land animals?What do the Sinosauropteryx and other similar dinosaurs tell us about the evolution of feathers?Where can I find books about dinosaurs at my local bookstore?Which dinosaur had the longest neck of any animal known?CONTINENTS DURING THE TRIASSIC PERIODWhat are the smallest dinosaur fossils found to date?What are some findings from the Utah Cretaceous period fossils?What were some of the smallest and largest dinosaurs known in the Jurassic period?What color or colors were the dinosaurs?What are continental drift and plate tectonics?Are mammals the most abundant animals on modern Earth?Who first coined the word palaeontology?What are some of the major dinosaurs that lived during the Jurassic period?What prosauropod fossils have been discovered?How did the supercontinent Pangea change during the Triassic period?In general, what characteristics determine if a dinosaur skeleton is a sauropod?What dinosaur fossils were recently found in Queensland, Australia?LEARNING MORE ABOUT DINOSAURS GEOLOGIC TIMEWhat is the theory concerning radiation killing off the dinosaurs?What kinds of dinosaurs were in the ornithischian group?What is the true story of dinosaur extinction?What were early archosaurs like?What magnetic evidence did scientists use to verify seafloor spreading?What led to the original formation of the supercontinent Pangea?When were the first fossils found in the Western Hemisphere accurately identified as belonging to a dinosaur?Do Earths continents change positions?What is the largest raptor claw found to date in North America?GENERAL JURASSIC DINOSAUR FACTSDINOSAUR SIZEPUTTING DINOSAURS TOGETHERWhat were the cerapods?THEORIES ABOUT DINOSAUR EXTINCTIONWhat is the Pre-Cambrian era?What early United States expedition mentioned a giant leg bone that was probably from a dinosaur?What does cladistic analysis tell us about birds and dinosaurs?What did our planet look like at the start of the Triassic period?Do we definitely know the growth pattern of dinosaurs?How does a fossil form?Where did a dinosaur stampede take place?How are dinosaur bones prepared for study and display?What was the purpose of the different sizes and shapes of dinosaurs?What fossil discovery indicated a link between birds and dromaeosaurs?What were the major dinosaurs during the Cretaceous period?What is ozone and how did it benefit the early Earth?What are trace fossils?Did any dinosaurs live in the colder, polar regions?DINOSAUR ANCESTORSEATING HABITSWhat were the titanosaurids?Where were the first life-sized dinosaur models publicly displayed?What is the latest theory stating birds are truly dinosaurs?What else has been discovered about dinosaur nesting sites?When was the most spectacular dinosaur fossil expedition mounted?What overall characteristics are seemingly shared by dinosaurs and modern birds?How many bones made up the average dinosaur skeleton?Why are fossil bones important to our understanding of dinosaurs?Were the arms of some carnivorous dinosaurs used for anything?How were connections between theropod dinosaur vertebrae strengthened?What is Dinosaur Ridge?Who first classified dinosaurs based on the structure of the pelvic area?How do the number of known dinosaur species compare to some modern species?How does bone composition differ between dinosaurs and modern reptiles?DIGGING UP FOSSILSWhat is the Jurassic period and how did it get its name?What was the fastest dinosaur based on the trackways?What is a reptile?EVOLUTION OF THE DINOSAURSWhat is the bird-like animal named Unenlagia comahuensis?What were the major marine animals living during the Jurassic?THE IMPACT THEORYWhat were some Jurassic period sauropods?What happened to North and South American dinosaurs over time?What were two of the earliest known ornithischian dinosaurs?When was the first dinosaur bone collected and described?FROM DINOSAURS TO BIRDSHave any other soft parts of dinosaurs been found?Did dinosaurs differ in bone structure?What were the conditions on the early Earth that scientists believe may have led to life?GENERAL CRETACEOUS DINOSAUR FACTSWhere were the first duck-billed dinosaur fossils found outside the Americas?DINOSAURS INSIDE AND OUTWhat are some books explaining dinosaurs evolution and extinction?What adaptations did the herbivorous dinosaurs have that enabled them to eat plants?What has been discovered about Archaeopteryx lithographica fossil feathers?Who is Peter M. Galton?Where and what is Como Bluff?How well did reptiles fare at the end of the Cretaceous period?What adaptations enabled carnivorous dinosaurs to eat meat?When did the basic form of life develop on Earth?Who first proposed extinctions had occurred during Earths history?What were early carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs like?When did primary bones develop during a dinosaurs life?ABNORMAL DINOSAUR BONESHow are dinosaurs named?Where was one of the first dinosaur footprints found in the United States?How many species of dinosaurs have been named since the first skeletons were uncovered?What have paleontologists learned from dinosaur coprolites?THE END OF DINOSAURSSAURISCHIAN DINOSAURSWhere was a Giganotosaurus carolinii found?Did some scientists believe Archaeopteryx lithographica was a transition between dinosaurs and modern birds?What are some books dealing with general dinosaur information?Where were the continents located during the Jurassic period?What fossil evidence possibly shows that not all dinosaurs became extinct?What was an omnivorous dinosaur?What Jurassic period dinosaurs lived the longest?What food was available to the dinosaurs?Are there problems with estimating dinosaur growth rates based on modern reptiles?What were the iguanodons like?How are the divisions on the geologic time scale named?Where was the first known fossilized dinosaur skin found in the United States?What is the bird-like animal named Shuvuuia deserti?RESOURCESWhere can a person obtain more education in dinosaur paleontology?How has the definition of dinosaur changed over the years?How are missing dinosaur bones restored to a skeleton?How do paleontologists determine speeds of dinosaurs using the trackways?What were some Jurassic period ornithischian dinosaurs?Is there any evidence of sickness in dinosaurs?How long were dinosaurs dominant on Earth?Do dinosaur bones ever get rearranged after they are mounted?Can scientists see the Cretaceous boundary in rock?How large was a dinosaurs brain?What dinosaurs are thought to have evolved into birds?TRIASSIC PERIODDid dinosaurs have binocular vision similar to humans?Do dinosaurs noses indicate they were not warm-blooded?Other Marine CreaturesWhat are the consequences of continental plate movements?Why do scientists believe that several ice ages occurred during the late Pre-Cambrian era?What did dinosaurs eat?Which states in the United States have the most dinosaur fossil sites?BEGINNINGS OF LIFEWhat is the composition of most dinosaur bones?How is modern technology helping map and study dinosaur fossil finds?Where were fossil remains of a Suchomimus tenerensis found?Why did certain animals survive and other animals did not?What are killer cosmic clouds?What does the dinosaur skeleton tell us about the animals soft parts?What conditions might lead to the best footprints?What recent genome study may rewrite the evolutionary history of birds?What was the bird-like animal named?How are dinosaurs classified?What were some ornithischian dinosaurs during the Cretaceous period?What were some early thyreophorans?What Jurassic period dinosaur was formerly called Brontosaurus?What is an important factor in determining the probable motion of dinosaurs?When did Haversian (or secondary) bone tissue develop during a dinosaurs life?What were the unique characteristics of the Deinonychosauria?When did the first true plants appear on land?When did modern reptiles evolve?Where was the second oldest dinosaur found?What famous dinosaur is nicknamed Sue?Were any birds around when dinosaurs roamed Earth?Are there any books about dinosaur expeditions and paleontologists?Were the dinosaurs inferior because they became extinct?TIME PERIODSDid the first dinosaur fossil to be named come from the Jurassic period?What are the two types of modern crocodiles?What is the Morrison formation?What could have caused lower oxygen levels at the end of the Cretaceous period?What is absolute time in relationship to geologic time?When did the first multicellular forms of life develop?What do we know in general about dinosaur teeth?Who was Elmer Riggs?What were unique skeletal features of large sauropods?When was the first Triceratops fossil discovered in the United States?What is the impact theory of dinosaur extinction?What did a dinosaur nest look like?What is the oldest-known life form that existed on land?How do paleontologists dig for dinosaurs?What are some other notable Tyrannosaurus rex fossils found in the United States?What were some of the earliest species that led to amphibians?What are some examples of theropods in the Cretaceous period?Why did Robert T. Bakker believe dinosaurs were endothermic homeotherms (warm-blooded)?What do these three types of bone tissue indicate about dinosaur physiology?What is the first precaution you should take before searching for dinosaur fossils?What kind of work does a professional paleontologist do?Where was an almost complete skeleton of an Apatosaurus (formerly known as a Brontosaurus) found in the United States?What are some of the oldest dinosaur fossils found to date?Other CreaturesWho first published information on fossils classified as a dinosaur?What is the significance of the Hogback Ridge on the Colorado and Utah border?Where are dinosaur dig sites usually located?What discovery in Pennsylvania helps us understand the Triassic period extinction?What are the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic eras?How are birds classified?Why did the mammals come to dominate in the Cenozoic era?Where were the first Albertosaurus fossil remains found?How are the saurischian dinosaurs classified?What were some of the earliest known reptiles?What were the early amphibians and when did they live?What are the more recent time divisions on the geologic time scale?Who was Edward Drinker Cope?What fossil was stolen from a site in Australia?What is the bird-like animal named Sinosauropteryx primalWhat do certain fossils in China indicate about dinosaur social groups?How many species of dinosaurs are currently known?Did any ceratosaurs live in the Cretaceous period?Who found the first evidence of dinosaurs in Australia?Was there an upper limit to the size of a dinosaur?What was Coelophysis like?How did the dinosaur eggs hatch?IMPORTANT JURASSIC DINOSAURSWhat was unique about dinosaur feet?How likely is it that an organism becomes a fossil?Have any fossilized stomach contents of dinosaurs been found?How did early feathered animals eventually develop flight?How long did the Jurassic period last?What is the axial skeleton?Who first published papers noting the resemblance of birds to dinosaurs?What were the tyrannosaurs?What dinosaur remains were excavated during the Tendaguru expedition?What were osteoderms?FAMOUS PALEONTOLOGISTS OUTSIDE NORTH AMERICAWhat are fossil assemblages and what do they tell us about dinosaur diets?Who was Othniel Charles Marsh?How many impact craters are associated with dinosaur extinction?Why did larger dinosaurs evolve in South America?Were there other reptiles in the Middle to Late Triassic period that may have been early dinosaurs?How did the Majungatholus remains explain dinosaur migration from South America to Madagascar?How long after the asteroid impact did the dinosaurs become extinct?What major dinosaur egg discovery was made in South America?What caused asymmetrical bone growth in dinosaurs?What was one of the most important changes that enabled reptiles to become true land-dwelling animals?What were the prosauropods?When was the first complete fossil skeleton of a Stegosaurus found in the United States?What do dinosaur tracks tell us about locomotion of some dinosaurs?Land Reptiles (Anapsids, Diapsids, and Euryapsids)How long did the Triassic period last?Did climate conditions lead to new dinosaur groups in the Jurassic period?What is a dig site?What is the oldest-known horned dinosaur?What were the major marine animals living during the Cretaceous period?CRETACEOUS PERIODAre there any dinosaur books that are suitable for children and families?Have any dinosaur embryo skin impressions been found?DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES IN NORTH AMERICA What are the main characteristics of the thyreophorans?Where have dwarf dinosaur fossils been found?What were the major marine animals living during the Triassic period?What was the top predator among the Cretaceous dinosaurs?DINOSAUR WEB SITESBesides dinosaurs, what other land animals were present during the Jurassic period?DINOSAUR DISCOVERIESWhat can paleontologists tell about the lifestyle of a small herbivore from its fossil bones?How is a dinosaur currently defined using cladistic analysis?Have other skeletons of Archaeopteryx been found?Who is Rinchen Barsbold?How are dinosaur bones mounted for display?What are coprolites?What are some examples of certification programs offered?What percentage of land animals went extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period?Where were dinosaur fossils first scientifically studied?DINOSAUR QUIRKSWho is Jim Kirkland?What are the major time units used in the geologic time scale?What great Jurassic and early Cretaceous period discovery was made in Asia?What were the maniraptorans like in the Cretaceous period?Are there any examples of the dinosaur parenting care methods?What are some of the richest dinosaur bone areas in the world?DINOSAUR BEHAVIORWhat plants became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period?What happens to excavated dinosaur bones after they reach a museum?Where were the bones of an Anchisaurus first found in the United States?Which Triassic period dinosaurs were herbivores?What changes occurred in the cerapods during the Cretaceous period?What mammals lived at the end of the Cretaceous period?Where were the fossilized remains of a Jurassic period tree found?Have other clutches of dinosaur eggs been discovered?Which dinosaurs were the biggest?Who first proposed the idea that birds were descendants of dinosaurs?SAURISCHIAN DINOSAURSHow are the theropods classified?Why is Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis thought to be one of the earliest dinosaurs known?Where were the first clutch of dinosaur eggs discovered?What were other archosaurs like?What were the unique characteristics of the Therizinosauria?Were there any other sauropods that survived into the Cretaceous period?What creatures did Edward Hitchcock think made the Connecticut dinosaur tracks?THE CRETACEOUS EXTINCTIONAre there any known toothless theropod dinosaurs?LEARNING PALEONTOLOGYWere there any flying animals during the Cretaceous period?How long did it take for dinosaurs to evolve from the first land animals?Why is it interesting that dinosaurs lived in Australia?When was the first Tyrannosaurus rex fossil discovered in the United States?How are dinosaurs classified?Would a lower oxygen level affect dinosaurs?To what group did all the meat-eating dinosaurs belong?Who was Charles H. Sternberg?Are mammals surviving relatives of the dinosaurs?Have dinosaur fossils been found in any U.S. metropolitan areas?What were the dromaeosaurids and what type of claws did they have?How do paleontologists identify species of dinosaurs from other fossils?Is there any proof that Earth has encountered a cosmic cloud In the past?Where were the remains of the oldest-known dinosaur discovered?Who first proposed that dinosaurs were warm-blooded?What kinds of dinosaurs were in the saurischian group?What reptile species survived past the end of the Cretaceous period?What were some Jurassic period theropods?Who is Robert Bakker?What is one of the most famous dinosaur sites in the world today?TEETH AND CLAWSHow did fossil evidence support the theory of continental drift?DINOSAUR BABIESWhat were the carnosaurs?Why did the dinosaurs begin to thrive in the Late Triassic period?Who first published a scientific name for fossilized dinosaur bones?How can parental care traits of dinosaurs be extrapolated from living animals?What is the Ischigualasto formation and why is it important?What were some major groups of sauropods during the Jurassic?What was the composition of dinosaur teeth?What event occurred at the division between the Triassic and Jurassic periods, and why was this important to the dinosaurs?Does the microstructure of dinosaur bones indicate the age of these animals?RECENT DISCOVERIES IN THE UNITED STATESWhat were the carnosaurs like in the Cretaceous period?IN THE BEGINNINGWho is John R. Horner?Where do Cretaceous dinosaur fossils continue to be found in Mongolia?What is the mammal theory of dinosaur extinction?What were the major groups of land organisms during the Triassic?What evidence supports the impact theory?Who is Paul C. Sereno?What were some of the early dinosaurs?What were the coelurosaurs like in the Cretaceous period?Were Triceratops social animals?What were some of the dinosaurs that lived during the Cretaceous period?What are the divisions of the Jurassic period?What formal studies would lead to my becoming a professional paleontologist?How did Laurasia and Gondwana (Gondwanaland) change during the Cretaceous period?What do dinosaur eggs look like?DINOSAURS FIRST APPEARHow many other organisms became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period?Aerial Reptiles (Diapsids)What is cladistic analysis?Is there a continent where dinosaur fossils have never been found?What caused traumatic and repetitive stress fractures in dinosaur bones?How did oxygen form on early Earth?What types of tools are used at dinosaur digs?How did dinosaurs evolve?What is Archaeopteryx lithographica?Can you tell the difference between male and female dinosaurs from their bones?How long did dinosaurs live?What kind of clothing and equipment should you take into the field?What animals didnt experience as many extinctions?Did dinosaurs need water?What were the vertebrae of a dinosaur?How are reptiles grouped?What Colorado sites have been historically fruitful in terms dinosaurs finds?When did the first soft-bodied animals appear in the oceans?THE SEARCH FOR THE MISSING LINKWhen did larger cells develop?Why are the Solnhofen quarries of Germany so important to paleontology?How will modern technology help paleontologists prepare, reproduce, and study dinosaur fossils finds in the near future?Where are asteroids and comets found in our solar system?What are some of the earliest known primitive dinosaurs?Who was first to reconstruct the way dinosaurs behaved?What is the greenhouse effect?What dinosaur skins have recently been found?Did any dinosaurs climb or live in trees?What kind of heart did dinosaurs have?Besides dinosaurs, what other animals were present during the Cretaceous period?When did the age of dinosaurs end?What do tooth marks tell us about dinosaur diets?How have the fossils of the Oviraptor changed our image of this dinosaur?FAMOUS PALEONTOLOGISTS FROM NORTH AMERICAHow long ago did modern birds originate?How do paleontologists, or even amateur collectors, find dinosaur fossils?FIRST FOSSILSWhat are the estimated growth rates for a ceratopsian and sauropod dinosaur?ORNITHISCHIAN DINOSAURSWhat theories attempt to explain why the Cambrian Explosion occurred?What is the fern spike?What is a dinosaur?What were the ankylosaurs?How are dinosaur speeds calculated?What dinosaur was named as a consequence of its nesting behavior?What are the major parts of a dinosaur skeleton?What did the Triassic period signify?EARLY DINOSAUR HISTORY IN THE UNITED STATESHow do scientists determine the weight of a dinosaur?DINOSAUR CONNECTIONSWhere are Triassic period rocks found?In general, what characteristics determine if a dinosaur skeleton is that of a theropod?How did this continental configuration affect the dinosaurs?What is the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary and what does it indicate about the extinction at the end of the Cretaceous period?What was possibly the longest predatory dinosaur?Mammals and Their Reptile-like Relatives (Synapsids)What were some general characteristics of the hadrosaurs?What can some trace fossils of dinosaur tracks tell us?Do dinosaur bones show evidence of arthritis, a common affliction in humans?Where was the first skeleton of Supersaurus found in the United States?What is the poison plant theory of dinosaur extinction?Which Triassic period dinosaurs were carnivores?Why did certain plants and animals survive through the end of the Cretaceous period?Were there any dromaeosaurs, troodontids, therizinosaurs, or oviraptorosaurs in the Jurassic period?Do all paleontologists believe that birds and dinosaurs are related?What is the driving force behind the movement of the continental plates?Who wrote the earliest description of dinosaur bones?What caused the early Earths water and atmosphere to form?What dinosaurs have been discovered in Antarctica?How are the ornithischian dinosaurs classified?What is the disease theory of dinosaur extinction?What are molds and casts?What were the ceratopsians like?How did feathers evolve?What do dinosaur bones tell us about a dinosaurs stance?Did changes in Earths environment lead to dinosaur extinction?What were the great North American Bone Wars of the late 1800s?How did the theropods change during the Cretaceous period?Could the atmosphere have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?Who was Gideon Mantell?What are some of the largest dinosaur trackways outside North America?What were the heterodontosaurs like?How long ago did the dinosaurs disappear?EARLY DINOSAUR HISTORY OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATESWhat were the hypsilophodontids like?Did all dinosaurs have the same type of skin?What are near-Earth objects?How was the vertebral column in ornithischian dinosaurs strengthened?What mysteries did the remains of the dinosaur Majungatholus solve?What were the coelurosaurs?AmphibiansIn general, how do scientists decide the bone positions of dinosaur skeletons?How did the distribution of dinosaur species change during the Cretaceous period?What was the average size among the dinosaurs?OTHER LIFE IN THE JURASSICWho first suggested that some dinosaurs were bipedal?What were the smallest dinosaurs known to have existed during the Triassic period?What is an extinction?What were some general characteristics of the other saurischian group, the theropods?What are some notable dinosaur tracks in the United States?What heavily armored dinosaur fossils were found in Utah?Where is the largest known collection of theropod skeletons in the world?Did dinosaurs hunt in packs?Did dinosaurs sleep standing up?What events in Russia have highlighted crime in dinosaur fossil collecting?Did some reptiles return to the oceans?What is geologic time?What is one of the smallest dinosaur eggs known?What are the closest living relatives to the dinosaurs?What are the major divisions of the Cretaceous?What are dinosaur trackways?What were the major extinctions during Earths long history?FORMING FOSSILSOTHER LIFE DURING THE TRIASSICWhere did tetrapods live on Pangea during the Late Triassic period?What Chinese dinosaur fossils may be the closest-known ancestor of birds yet found?Who discovered seafloor spreading?What was unique about the feet of most quadruped dinosaurs?Major Marine Animals Reptiles (Euryapsids)What discovery by John Ostrom led to new theories about dinosaur behavior and physiology?Where can I find books about dinosaurs at my local library?What are asteroids and comets?What are thecodonts?What can scientists tell from the shape of carnivorous dinosaurs teeth?IMPORTANT CRETACEOUS DINOSAURSWhat bone spike was found in Late Cretaceous period rock layers?Did all dinosaurs lay eggs?Why did the dinosaurs thrive and diversify in the Cretaceous?What are the major camps in the dinosaur-bird evolution debate?GROWING BONESWhy were stegosaurs originally thought to have had a second brain?What were some general characteristics of the sauropods?Why are dinosaur fossils relatively easy to find on the Isle of Wight?DINOSAUR METABOLISMWhat is another way to estimate a dinosaurs life span?What were the ornithomimosaurs like in the Cretaceous period?How are the ornithischian dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period classified?What percentage of marine animals went extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period?What is the geologic time scale?What were some of the problems amphibians faced in moving from water to land?
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