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  • 1. There are 4 people sharing 5 cookies. How can you share them so everyone gets a fair share?
  • 2. The PE teacher uses 3/5 of his basketballs in class. Half of the remaining balls are given to students for recess. What fraction of all the basketballs is given to students for recess?

,21., 21. . „

  • 3. Show why — x — is the same as — x — pictorially.
  • 3 5 5 3
  • 2 .
  • 4. Explain why 3 ч— is the same as 4 'Л .
  • 5. Kramer spent'/% of his money on rent this month. He spent % of his remaining money on groceries. What fraction of his money did Kramer spend altogether?
  • 3 1 . .
  • 6. Nancy made 400 muffins. She sold — of them before noon and — of the reminder in
  • 3 5 4

afternoon. How many muffins did she sell in the afternoon?

7. John wants to order pizza for 18 employees. Each employee should get V* of a pizza.

How many pizzas should John order? And how much pizza will be left over?

  • 8. One sixth of the paintings Jim has in his gallery are from South America, one third are from Asia and two-fifths of the remainder are from Europe. If he has 12 paintings from Europe, then how many more paintings from Asia than from South American does he have?
  • 9. Kelly has 3/4 yard of ribbon. She wanted to use it to decorate two picture frames. If she uses half the ribbon on each frame, how many feet of ribbon will she use for one frame? Explain your thinking using a suitable model.
  • 10. Jim's height is 2/3 of Libby's height while Libby's height is 3/4 of Laura's height. If Laura is 160 cm tall, then find Jim's height?
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