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Families, Status and Dynasties: 1600-2000

Setting Out on a JourneyA Brief IntroductionStatuses and their HierarchiesStatus PerformancesFamilies as Histories and in HistoryRoyal DynastiesOrganization into a Status HierarchyMarriage and the Imperative of Status EquivalenceThe Church's InterventionCousin Marriages: The Zenith of High DynasticityOffences against Status EquivalenceMistresses: Love Outside MarriageSuccession after Primogeniture: Another Offence Against Status EquivalenceLiving in the Interstices: Younger Princes and PrincessesExtension of the HeydayThe Impending Fall of Status EquivalenceThe Triumph of Love over Status EquivalenceConclusionNoble DynastiesOrganization into a Status HierarchyElevation to the NobilityThe Highest Rank of the Nobility and the Supremacy of Status EquivalenceDecline of Status: Merging into the Rank and FileEnclaves of LustEmergent Change in the Nineteenth CenturyThe Widening Range of Status Equivalence in OccupationsThe Widening Range of Status Equivalence: MarriageTurning into a Cultural LegacyConclusionEntrepreneurial DynastiesThe Triumphal March of EntrepreneurshipFrom Peasantry to Entrepreneurship: Local DynastiesThe Entrepreneurial CharacterEntrepreneurial Dynasties in the Making—HeredityMarriages in the Heyday of Entrepreneurial DynastiesStaying Up and Going DownExits from the FirmConclusionThe LearnedThe Rise of ProfessionalismKeeping up Dynasticity: The ClergySocial DeclineUpward Mobility: ProfessorsThe Remains of DynasticityMarriage and Status EquivalenceConclusionArtistsThe Status Hierarchy of Artists in the MakingThe Temptation of DynasticityFrom Dynasticity to LateralitySuccessionThe Cultivation of LoveConclusionStatuses on the MoveConvergence towards the Middle RanksMarriage and Status EquivalenceAt One Bound to the Highest RankConclusionAfterthoughtsPyramid of Status HierarchiesHeredity of StatusChoice of SpouseThe Making of Status through PerformancesReferred Works

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