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Selection of Material for Analysis

According to Hermans (1999, p. 69-70), “analysis of a longer text is not practicable”; therefore, it is necessary to limit the length of material for analysis. This limitation “should be large enough to be credible in [the] light of the purpose of the exercise but small enough to permit appropriate depth.” Tymoczko also notes that:

“It is impossible (and usually irrelevant) to study exhaustively the full texts of one or more translations, the task will be to pick perspicuous passages that will serve to test one’s ... hypotheses. ... if the research design is well conceived and one has chosen productive passages from significant translations, one generates an enormous amount of raw data relatively quickly. (2002, p. 16-7)

Therefore, in the scope of this chapter, I will investigate only the first four chapters of each novel. It is noticeable that Watermelon contains of thirty- seven chapters in both the original and translation, while P.S. I Love You has fifty-one in the English original, but only twenty-two chapters in the Vietnamese translation. Extracts which reflect the gender representation in the English original and their corresponding samples in the target texts will be selected to constitute a bilingual parallel corpus for the subsequent analysis. The results gained from the analysis of the chosen material will provide insightful understanding not only of how the representation of gender in Irish contemporary female popular fiction is recreated in Vietnamese translations, but also of how different translators approach the similar issues.

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