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What does the CO expect from the TEP evaluation?

Overall, the CO expects information sufficient to:

Determine the technical acceptability of proposed deliverables

Determine the need for communications or fact-finding

Determine the need for amending or canceling the RFP

Present and support negotiation objectives (i.e., areas of discussion)

Support the CO's determination of the competitive range

Conduct assessments of technical acceptability and tradeoff analyses (if any) based solely on requirements documents and non-price evaluation factors in the solicitation

Provide constructive information to offerors regarding their technical proposals for debriefings

Sustain the government's position on ratings and scoring in protest forums.

Specifically, the CO hopes to obtain:

An overall comparative assessment of each proposal's potential for award

Initial ratings or analysis of how each proposal fares against the solicitation's factors and, if any, subfactors. Remember: The evaluation must be based solely on the factors and subfactors specified in the RFP!

Added details on the proposal's specific deficiencies and relative strengths

If necessary for cost or price analysis (or cost realism analysis), an analysis of proposed labor mix and hours, material mix and quantities, proposed special tooling and facilities, proposed scrap and spoilage factors, tasks, and schedule

Consideration of any need for fact-finding or communications to clarify offerors' proposals and, if necessary, specifics on what must be asked of the offeror

Consideration of any need to amend or cancel the RFP and, if necessary, the nature of any such amendment

A list of recommended negotiation objectives

Signatures required by agency policy.

What can the COR expect when the CO briefs the TEP?

The CO will likely brief the TEP to stress the following points:

The importance of evaluating the contractors' proposals against factors and subfactors set forth in the RFP

The essentiality of having no contact with any offerors or conducting any onsite visits unless approved by the CO

The necessity and criticality of safeguarding source selection and proprietary information.

Any additional instructions applicable to the evaluators will also be given during the briefing.

What report does the TEP provide the CO?

The TEP will perform its technical evaluation and forward the results to the CO in a technical evaluation report. This report should provide the CO not only with numerical scores of each proposal, reached by consensus, but also with a consensus narrative explanation for each score. The report should address any deficiencies in proposals or any other issues relating to the evaluation. Finallyand most importantlythe report should advise the CO of which proposals are rated highest; this advice will be the basis for the CO's determination of which proposals will be included for further consideration.

What is a technical cost analysis?

The CO may request that the TEP perform a technical cost analysis of the proposed types and quantities of materials or labor, for example, set forth in the proposals. The TEP may be better-suited to perform the cost analysis because, generally, cost/price analysts are not technically knowledgeable regarding appropriate labor categories, types and quantities of materials, and other relevant factors such as work processes, special tooling, equipment proposed, and the reasonableness of scrap and spoilage. The technical analysis will determine the need for and reasonableness of the proposed resources, assuming reasonable economy and efficiency. At a minimum, the technical analysis should examine the types and quantities of material proposed and the need for the types and quantities of labor hours and the labor mix. Any other data that may be pertinent to an assessment of the offeror's ability to accomplish the technical requirements or to the cost or price analysis of the service or product being proposed should also be included in the analysis.

The CO may also develop "should cost" positions on the offeror's plans for performing the work; he or she will likely request technical assistance in this area.

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