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Social protection in East Africa : harnessing the future.

Confronting massive demographic and environmental challengesForecasting economic and social trends for long-term social protection planningTowards a long-term perspective on social protection in East AfricaKey recommendationsConfronting massive demographic and environmental challengesThe world’s last and largest population boomToday’s youth will be the largest cohort ever to enter the labour forceThe demographic transition will be accompanied by changing health needsEast Africa’s rapid urbanisation is shifting the incidence of povertyThe dynamics of future migration flows are uncertainClimate change poses a massive threat to livelihoodsNotesReferencesForecasting economic and social trends for long-term social protection planningThe prospects for growth are strong in East AfricaSlow structural change and the implications for employmentEnsuring the youth are not left behindPopulation growth and inequality make poverty eradication a long-term challengeNotesReferencesTowards a long-term perspective on social protectionSeven grand challenges for social protectionSolving the last mile problem of eliminating extreme povertyEnhancing social insurance coverage in a context of high informalityPublic works programmes can help to meet the employment challengeRapid urbanisation calls for innovation in social protection deliveryPlacing social protection at the fore of climate-change adaptation strategiesSecuring a demographic dividend by empowering women and providing for children and the elderlyExpanding the social protection budget without hurting the poorImproving the tax systemMaximising the impact of existing social protection or pro-poor spendingA final word on the need for better dataNotesReferences
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