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Halal (Islam-Compliant) Tourism

Halal tourism is a subcategory of tourism which is geared toward Muslim families who abide by the rules of Islam. It refers to any tourist activity that is in accordance with the Sharia principles (the Islamic legal system) regardless of the location. Halal tourism can take place at seaside destinations, in hotels, spas, ski centers, forest camps, shopping centers, or anywhere else. The only condition is that all these activities should be halal (obey the guidelines and regulations of Islam and adhere to Islamic values).

Halal or Islam-compliant tourism emerged several years ago, as hotel companies witnessed the success of the sharia-compliant banking and investment sector and saw their opportunity. It encompasses the main aspects of sharia-compliant living such as no alcohol, halal food, separate rooms for prayer for men and women, and modest dressing (BBC 2010). An article in a leading newspaper has characterized halal tourism as “no alcohol and no wearing a bikini in front of a man who is not your husband” under the slogan “Sun, sea and halal!” (The Guardian 2010).

In order to better understand what is included in halal tourism, we will next discuss its most important features.

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