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Building a New Community Psychology of Mental Health: Spaces, Places, People and Activities

An (Admittedly Shaky) Version of the UK in 2050The Retirement of 'Mental Health'Back to 2016: This BookThe Chapters in This BookReferencesThe Flawed Assumptions of Psychology and Psychiatry: A Martian AnalysisSurely Everyone Already Knows that Distress Is Social?What the Misunderstandings Look Like When Distress Is Treated Asocially: The DSMThe Self-fulfilling Prophecy of DiagnosesUnderstanding and Misunderstanding RecoveryMisunderstanding TreatmentsDo We Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater?ReferencesSocial Approaches to Distress: From Enclosures to Fluid SpacesEnclosing the 'psyCommons'Everyday Magic and HelpfulnessThe Helpful SocialHelpful and Fluid SpacesConclusionReferences'Bike Minded'—Normal Human Encounters (on Bikes)'Ron'First ArrivalA Fluid SpaceA 'Humanistic Flexibility'Belonging'A Nice Atmosphere'Waiting RoomsConclusion: Some Reflections on Ron's Experience at Bike MindedReferencesFishing and Youth Work, or 'What Is It about Fishing that Makes Life Better'?How We Got to Write the BidSo How Did Our Project Get Started?What Did We Do on the Project?Hope and Making Sense TogetherFishing as Knowledge ExchangeFishing as Calming and ContemplativeFishing as a Mode of BeingFishing and BeautyConclusionReferences'Helping Them Hold Up Their World'— Parents of Children with Complex Needs and the Beneficent OrganisationMeet 'the Therapist'The Importance of the Amaze DLA Therapist: Validation, Finance and Mental Well-beingA Social Perspective on Distress for Parent CarersReferencesI'm Singing in the Rain'He Who Sings Drives Away Sorrow'—Italian ProverbCase StudiesCanada: Surrey Place CentreUK: Arts Partnership SurreyIf in Doubt, Sing It Out...A New IdentityOvercoming 'Symptoms'Spilling Over into Everyday LifeConclusionReferences'A Place to Be'—A Cut and Shut of the Brighton Unemployed Centre Families ProjectThe CentreExperiences of Being a Centre UserDifferent Centre Users, Different NeedsA Place to 'Be' and a Place to 'Do'A Place to BeThe Provision of a Safe Social SpaceConclusion: Is the BUCFP a Centre for Mental Well-being?ReferencesThe Joy of SexSome Possible Directions for the FutureBuilding Underwater Sea EmpiresThe Big Question'What about People in Extreme Crisis?'Capturing versus Enclosing DistressA Practice FutureReferences

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