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The method used for developing this chapter was to leverage observation from personal management consulting history and entrepreneurial experience. The observations were cleansed so individual clients cannot be identified, and common factors to innovation are documented. These observations were then organized, and grouped and practical examples added by including references to additional research and popular articles and providing additional references that illustrate current thought leadership on the innovation management process.


“Art is how I practice innovation. I see inspiration, then I imagine something and then I create it.”


When stated this way, innovation seems amazingly simple, yet many organizations today struggle to innovate.

“There is no other organizational capability with such a gap between importance and performance. In the 2015 BCG survey, 70% of executives replied that innovation was either the company’s top priority or among the top three. Other surveys by IESE, KPMG and The Conference Board confirm these numbers. Executives consider innovation as the most critical capability for the future success of their companies.

But when asked about their satisfaction with the performance of innovation, less than 20% of the executives was happy based on a survey of our clients.”

—London School of Economics and Political Science, 2016

Using the artistic innovation process as a reference is one way to create a framework within which you can design a successful organizational innovation process. It is a clean, simple example of a self-contained innovation management process where one person is under complete control.

“When I create a new sculpture, I find something that I like and connect some concepts and things that I see in a sketch to guide the rest of the design. When I imagined “Sugar Dolphin,” I combined my love of Sugar Skulls with the concept of happiness and play. Sugar Dolphin is an 8 foot high creation made of metal bits and pieces inspired by Mexican Sugar Skulls on dia de los muertos. Water turns into confetti and the dolphin leaps in joy over confetti”


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