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Manufacturing environment is evolving from simply physical resource manufacturing system managing to heterogeneous and various information management system. It is mainly due to the last generation of smart sensors and connected devices and machines. Despite improving the manufacturing systems performances, the M.E.S. leaders are according particular interest to the increasing data volume.

Nowadays leading DBMS are reaching high and promising performance dealing with a great amount of data. The new DBMS generation based on NoSQL[1] (Leavitt, 2010) is announced as a promising solution to handle such data. This goal can be reached through the Cloud based application that offer the possibility to store and exploit data more efficiently.

About 70% of manufacturing executives are focusing on plant-floor data initiatives to drive operational and business excellence, faster time to market, and immediate access to data from machines on the factory floor (see, Aberdeen Group).

  • [1] NoSql: Not Only SQL: refers to Database Management Systems that are not basedon the classical relational architecture.
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