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Consciousness from a Broad Perspective: A Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Introduction

Consciousness. Background to the Current DebateIntroductionDiscussion QuestionsBehaviorism and the Cognitive RevolutionDualism and PhysicalismNeuroscience and PhilosophyReferencesPlato’s PhilosophyBody and SoulAristotle and ScienceAristotle’s WorldLogicSoulsScholasticismDualismA New LogicThe Method of DoubtCould It All Be a Dream?Problems of DualismMind-Body InteractionFreedomSkepticismSolipsismAnimal ConsciousnessThe UnconsciousThe SelfDiscussion QuestionsPlatoAristotleDualismReferencesPhilosophy, Science, and the Mind-Body Problem. Responding to Cartesian DualismDualismMonismLeibniz’s IdealismBerkeley’s IdealismHume’s EmpiricismKant’s Transcendental IdealismDiscussion QuestionsReferencesConsciousness as a Scientific Problem. A Brief History of Psychology and Cognitive ScienceThe Science of PsychologyBehaviorismThe Cognitive Revolution and the Re-emergence of the MindInformation ProcessingThe Brain as a ComputerTuring’s TestTuring MachinesSearle’s Chinese RoomThe BackgroundMind Without IntentionalityComputational NeuroscienceDiscussion QuestionsEarly PsychologyFreudWittgensteinBehaviorismThe Cognitive Revolution and Artificial IntelligenceReferencesConsciousness Rediscovered. Advances in NeuroscienceFunctional Neuroanatomy and BiochemistryBrain Activity Non-stopBrain OrganizationBrain LobesFrontal LobeFrontal Lobe PathologiesPsychosurgery of the Frontal LobesFrontal Lobe SummaryParietal LobeParietal Lobe PathologiesParietal Lobe SummaryOccipital LobeOccipital Lobe PathologiesOccipital lobe summaryTemporal LobeTemporal Lobe PathologiesTemporal Lobe SummaryCore Brain StructuresLimbic SystemLimbic System PathologiesLimbic System SummaryBasal GangliaBasal Ganglia PathologiesBasal Ganglia SummaryDiencephalonDiencephalon PathologiesDiencephalon SummaryMesencephalon (Midbrain)MetencephalonMyelencephalon (Medulla)Neurons: Communicating CellsNeural CodingReceptive FieldRate CodingPopulation CodingGrandmother CodingParallel ProcessingRedundancyNeural PathwaysNeurotransmittersGlutamateSerotoninDopamineAcetylcholineGamma-Aminobutyric AcidEpinephrine, NorepinephrineEndorphins and EnkephalinsGlia and the Other BrainBrain ImagingComputed TomographyPositron Emission TomographyFunctional Magnetic Resonance ImagingElectroencephalographyMagnetoencephalographyNeural Correlates of ConsciousnessBiological NaturalismCausal Emergence of the Conscious FieldFree WillDiscussion QuestionsReferencesConsciousness as a Modern Mystery. Can Consciousness be Explained?Approaches to Understanding the MindPlato Desartes MaterialismIdealismPhysicalismBehaviorismFunctionalismConsciousness as MysteriousImagine a Causal Explanation of ConsciousnessBen the Neuroscientist and the Quest for ConsciousnessWhy Are We Conscious?Consciousness and BlindsightEvolution of Virtual and Conscious SeeingDavid Chalmers on ConsciousnessConsciousness as a FundamentalChalmers’s Theory of ConsciousnessPsychophysical Parallelism: Structural CoherenceJoseph Levine’s Explanatory GapTomas Nagel and Being a BatMary the ScientistMcGinn and Cognitive ClosureMysterian PluralismHuman CognitionConsciousness and EmergenceDiscussion QuestionsIntroductionBen the NeuroscientistConsciousness and BlindsightDavid ChalmersJoseph Levine Thomas NagelFrank JacksonColin McGinnReferencesRethinking Consciousness. Fragmented ViewsCorrelation and CausationNeuroscientific Studies of Vision and ConsciousnessIllusions of Time and ActionFree Will and ActionOrdering of EventsThe Binding ProblemSplit BrainsNed Block and the Concept of ConsciousnessAccess and Phenomenal ConsciousnessBernard Baars’s Global Workspace Model of ConsciousnessThe Theater Model in More DetailConsciousness as Serial Processing in Parallel-Processing BrainsContrastive AnalysisBeyond Rethinking ConsciousnessThe New SkepticsEliminative MaterialismFolk Psychology as TheoryFolk Psychology and NeurophilosophyFolk Psychology and Unity of ScienceReducing Folk PsychologyReplacing Folk Psychology with a Neurocomputational ModelVectors and ConsciousnessThe Brain as a Kinetic SystemConsciousness as Recursive Vector TransformationsConsciousness Explained?Information Processing and ConsciousnessThe Problems of Life and Consciousness as Mechanical ProblemsA Computational View of ConsciousnessCartesian MaterialismThe User IllusionDevelopmental ConsciousnessVirtual Machines in the BrainWhat Lies Behind the User Illusion?Putting the Stream of Consciousness TogetherDennett on Subjective ExperienceDiscussion QuestionsThe Visual World as an IllusionBenjamin LibetThe Binding ProblemSplit BrainsNed BlockBernard BaarsPaul and Patricia ChurchlandDaniel DennettReferencesExternalism and Consciousness. Where Is Consciousness?Internalism ChallengedFrege on MeaningPutnam’s ExternalismBurge’s ExternalismQualia and ExternalismBlock’s Inverted EarthIn the Head and the WorldClark and Chalmers’s Vehicle ExternalismActive and Passive ExternalismFunctionalism and Vehicle ExternalismContingency and CouplingExternalism About BeliefsCognitive States Across People and ArtifactsExternalism and ConsciousnessSusan Hurley’s Vehicle Externalism of ConsciousnessAlva Noё Considers Life and ConsciousnessConsciousness in a Petri DishRewiring Visual SystemsPhantom LimbsSensory SubstitutionBiology of Consciousness?Discussion QuestionsIntroduction Frege and RussellPutnam and BurgeClark and ChalmersAlva NoeSummary QuestionsReferencesNeurofunctionalismEnvirofunctionalismRadicalismDualismForms Ontology and the OtherworldlySystems ViewsCopenhagen SkepticismTechnological OntologyWheeler’s Metaphysics of InformationBiological LiberalismReferencesA Conscious Universe. Consciousness East and WestWestern Subjectivism and Eastern FormlessnessThe Ego and the UniverseConstrained Stories of Western SubjectivismThe Focus on Thought in Western NaturalismNaturalism as a Metaphysical PerspectiveHume and Kant on the Limits of NaturalismEinstein’s Pragmatic RealismFundamentally Observers of Our UniverseA Pointless Universe as a Reductio ad AbsurdumWill of Nature, Will to Power, and ConsciousnessA Thought Experiment in the Western Intellectual TraditionImagine Schopenhauer’s SatoriPostmodernism and Will to PowerMeditative Perspectives and Conditioned States of MindFaith in Philosophical MaterialismA Dialogue on ConsciousnessWestern SubjectivismResearching the FormlessReferences
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