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Vectors and Consciousness

How could vector processing cause consciousness? Vector processing is, after all, formally defined. How do we get from vector syntax to intentionality and consciousness? There is nothing inherent to vector processing that makes reference to specific physical causes. Paul thinks you cannot capture intentionality with rule-based AI. But the problem is not with formal accounts. His objection is that rule-based AI is untrue to the brain’s computational architecture—an objection grounded in computational requirements such as the speed of processing and flexible information retrieval (Churchland 1995, p. 252).

Rule-based AI is as misguided as folk psychology. Paul and Patricia distance themselves from cognitive psychologists such as Fodor, whom they see as trying to reduce folk psychology to an intermediate level of rule-based cognition: a language of thought, implemented in the brain. In their view, the brain implements neither classical computer programs nor languages of thought, but vector transformations.

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