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The Visual World as an Illusion

1. What is the blind spot? How do our brains deal with it in the creation of visual experiences? What do our brains fake? Does this faking process reveal something interesting about consciousness? If so, what would that be?

  • 2. What is change blindness? What does the phenomenon reveal about how we detect visual changes? How can studies of change blindness help us understand human visual awareness?
  • 3. What is inattentional blindness? How is the phenomenon different from change blindness? How are these phenomena similar?
  • 4. How might a magician make use of the phenomena of inattentional and change blindness, respectively? How important might these phenomena be for stage magicians and illusionists?
  • 5. Is the visual world an illusion? How could the facts that we have a blind spot and that our eyes make saccadic movements support this idea?
  • 6. Could the problem of consciousness seem so hard because we are not thinking about consciousness in the right way? Could it be that the problem of consciousness stems from conceptual misunderstandings?
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