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  • 2. Fred is in a coffee shop, trying to decide what beverage to get. Are there now thoughts about espressos, cappuccinos, and house coffees moving about spatially in his head, or are they flashing here and there like lightning? Does it make sense to think about thoughts in this way? If not, how should we think about them?
  • 3. How do internalists and externalists differ in their views of the mind? What position do you think is the more popular in neuroscience? Why do you suppose that is so? Why do you suppose externalism has become so popular in philosophy?
  • 4. Is the question of where conscious experience takes place an empirical question? Could a future neuroscientist prove where it is located? Why, or why not?
  • 5. It has been discovered during the past few years that many neurological patients who appear to be unconscious through standard diagnostic observations are, in fact, conscious. How many more misdiagnosed patients might there be? Would it be possible for a future neuroscientist to tell us, in all cases, whether a patient is conscious or not?
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