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Administrative Benefits

A consistent staffing pattern that is proven to work well provides administration the ability to address the patient flow issues that occur in an ED and hospital setting. When a clear multidisciplinary team structure is identified, budgeting and business planning can be standardized to accommodate the templated design.

Staffing Benefits

Having a direct manager overseeing the team that provides the psychiatric consultations and care in the ED is necessary to ensure consistent hiring practices as well as new employee training. Management oversight of the team, and the consistent procedures and processes that are followed, helps to ensure consistent positive patient outcomes and to demonstrate continued return on investment.

Direct Care Staff Benefits

Established clear expectations and training for direct care staff will help to ensure that patients are provided with consistent care. Use of a templated note system also ensures that consistent documentation occurs in the chart by all staff members. This ensures that federal, state, and county regulatory requirements are met.

The structured expectation of the provider also adds to a level of comfort in setting clear guidelines for staff to follow on a daily basis. While clinicians in an ED do not know what type of problems they will be tasked to solve in a given shift, having a clear structured team, established protocols, and procedures for care delivery provides a certain level of comfort to increase staff morale and decrease staff burnout.

For a multidisciplinary team, clearly delineated expectations of each member also further the sense of adding value to the team, and also add the distinction of accountability to the team and patient outcomes.

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