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Debating climate ethics

I IN DEFENSE OF CLIMATE ETHICSHow Will We Be Remembered?Betraying the FutureINTRODUCTIONETHICS FIRSTEvaluationPolicy QuestionsEthical ChallengeTHE GLOBAL STORMThe Basic Global StormExacerbating FactorsRejecting the Traditional ModelTHE INTERGENERATIONAL STORMThe Basic Intergenerational StormExacerbating FactorsRevisiting the Global StormTHE ECOLOGICAL STORMThe Basic Ecological StormExacerbating FactorsTHE THEORETICAL STORMMORAL CORRUPTIONNotesWho Are We and What Do We Want?“PURE” POLICYMarginalization by DefinitionSegregationQUASI-SCIENTIFIC IMPERIALISMGoalsImplementationFEASIBILITYSELF-INTERESTThe Nature of the ConstraintContentA. COLONIZATION PROBLEMB. CONFLATION PROBLEMC. ROBUST SELF-INTERESTResponsibilityINSTITUTIONAL OPTIMISMRival ConstraintsInvisible HandsEthics as FacilitatorWELFARISMUtilitarianismCost-Benefit AnalysisCONCLUSIONNotesJustice vs. ExtortionGLOBAL EXTORTION“Polluted Pay”Presumptions Against “Polluted Pay”Outsourcing JusticeINTERGENERATIONAL EXTORTIONJUSTICE NOWThe Burden ClaimObjectionsA. ACTUAL REDUCTIONSB. DISAGREEMENTC. POLITICALLY UNMANAGEABLE TRANSFERSD. ISOLATIONISMCORRECTIVE JUSTICEThree Presumptive ArgumentsExcusable Ignorance“First Come, First Served”Dead EmittersResource IsolationismTRAJECTORYFeasibility RevisitedSelf-DefenseBasic Physical StructureLimitsA GLOBAL CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTIONNotesII THE PROBLEMS WITH CLIMATE ETHICS BY DAVID A. WEISBACHIntroduction to Part IISELF-INTEREST VS. ETHICSIS ETHICS INEVITABLE?IS ETHICS THE RIGHT TOOL?WHAT ROLE FOR ETHICS?BACKGROUND AND HISTORYNotesClimate Policy and Self-InterestEMISSIONS MUST GO TO ZEROSOONWE NEED TO START REDUCING EMISSIONS NOWClimate Change Is an Energy ProblemEnergy Transitions Are SlowWe Have To Start NowEVERYONE MUST START NOWUNCERTAINTY STRENGTHENS THESE CONCLUSIONSBARRIERSCONCLUSIONSNotesThe Role of Claims of Justice in Climate Change PolicyDISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICEClimate Change BlindersFeasibilityCORRECTIVE JUSTICEClimate Change BlindersFeasibilityEQUAL PER CAPITA EMISSIONSClimate Change BlindersFeasibilityCONCLUSIONSNotesSumming UpIII RESPONSES"The Feasible Is Political" Stephen M. GardinerDANGEROUSLY UTOPIAN?OUTLIERQUESTIONABLE AMBITION?KYOTO’S FOLLYEVOLVING TRAGEDYEXCLUDING JUSTICEEFFICIENCY BLINDERSBEARING WITNESSNotesWe Agree: The Failure of Climate Ethics
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